January 7, 2022

A Complete Guide to American Airline Ticket Hold Policies & Fees

American Airline Ticket Hold Policies & Fees

American Airlines allows you to hold a reservation within a 7-day period. However, there are two important factors to take into consideration regarding the time frame of your hold.

First of all, they’re only offered on certain flights and you won’t know if the flight you want to book offers it until you reach the payment screen. Second of all, any holds that last longer than 24 hours are not free.

When you book a flight and hold it, you don’t have to pay for the flight unless you decide to complete the purchase. Your hold fee is not refundable, so make sure that you really want to go ahead with the purchase before completing the payment.

  • If you choose to hold your reservation for three days, it will cost $7.99; for five days it’s $9.99; and for a week it’s $11.99. Once you choose the lock-in option, American will send you an e-mail reminder about making the actual purchase.
  • The hold charges are nonrefundable, even if you decide to back out of the existing reservation and make a new one. But think of it this way – if you find a $50 difference in fare several days later, it costs you $10 to save $40.

NOTE: American Airlines charges a $200 change or cancel fee for paid domestic flights (it’s as high as $450 for international travel). That fee is charged per flight! If you change or cancel a domestic round-trip flight, you will pay $200. If you change or cancel two one-way domestic flights you will pay $200 for each – or $400.

American Airlines 24-hour Hold Flights :

When booking American Airlines flights, customers are able to cancel their reservation up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time if they have booked at least seven days in advance.

  • Choose your flights and press “Hold” on the “Review and Pay” page
  • Now, the user needs to refer to the confirmation email and then go to “My Trips” in order to pay for their trip.
  • Booking of the passenger will get automatically canceled after 24 hours in case if you don’t complete the purchase
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Those traveling with American Airlines can Hold their AA flight reservations, but it incurs a service charge. They can call American Airlines Reservations Number to change their ticket at any time of day at the following numbers

Hold American Airlines New reservations:

In case if the passenger needs to make a new booking then go to the reservation section and enter all of the information such as arrival city, departure city, and dates. Then click on the search button.

All the available flights will appear on the screen, choose the best flight and then pay via online transaction soon user will receive a confirmation mail on the registered mail address.

Extended hold terms and conditions

The extended hold feature is available for bookings made on AA.com.

The extended hold option is only available to customers who purchased a ticket on an American Airlines flight or one of their partner airlines.

The extended hold option is only available on select routes and is subject to availability.

Passengers can purchase extended hold for all passengers in the same itinerary/reservation. There is not an option to choose only one passenger to receive an extended hold if there is more than one passenger on the reservation.

The extended hold fees are calculated on a per-passenger basis for the entire origin and destination.

Fees for the extended hold product are processed immediately.

The extended hold fees are non-refundable and cannot be applied towards the price of the ticket.

Reservations not ticketed before the expiration of the extended hold duration will automatically be canceled.

Customers can cancel or change their itinerary until 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the extended hold period in the time zone of the departure city.

If a reservation has been put on hold, it cannot be changed until the reservation is purchased. Standard change fees apply to changes after purchase.

The changes made to the itinerary following the purchase of an extended hold option would result in the cancellation of the extended hold and issuance of a new re-priced ticket (as of the date that the change is made).

If you create a duplicate booking for the same flight/itinerary on aa.com after putting the itinerary on extended hold, the original extended hold fare will be canceled and the holding fee will not be refunded.

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When buying a AA ticket, the billing address of the credit card must be from the same country as the billing address of the credit card used to purchase the extended hold.

Using a credit card with a different country’s billing address would result in the ticket being repriced.

The extended hold offer is given based on the country associated with the website the customer is using to hold their ticket. If a customer receives an extended hold offer, the country of the credit card billing address used to purchase the extended hold will need to match the country associated with the website in which they booked the extended hold.

The extended hold feature is unavailable for award bookings and AirPass itineraries.

A customer who has a credit card declined for an extended hold fee payment will have their held itinerary cancelled.

If there are changes to your itinerary, or a flight gets canceled, you will be transferred onto the new flight. If you are okay with the new flight, there is no need to do anything further.

If you would like to choose another flight, we will try and accommodate your choice. However, if there is not a replacement flight that is acceptable, we can offer a refund of the extended hold amount.

While purchasing a hold on your reservation, one thing to keep in mind is that it is a non-refundable process. Many customers prefer to contact American Airlines customer service to purchase a hold on their reservations. So, if you also want to hold your reservation and give it a second thought, contact the airline’s customer service team to get the best possible assistance.

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