October 27, 2020

A Golden age of cheap flights During Pandemic

While fewer people are traveling during the global coronavirus pandemic, experts say there are fare deals out there for those who are looking.

  • We have been living in what I call the golden age of cheap flights for years.
  • one possible thing is low prices. He’s been tracking prices since 2013.
  • this year, we have seen more cheap fares available over Christmas and new year’s time than we have over the past five years combined.
  • like a $97 flight from Milwaukee to Denver or fly from Milwaukee to Seattle for $158. Even a direct flight from O’hare to Dublin to — for less than $300.
  • what is sweet?
  • I would put as my personal deadline, the end of October or maybe the first week of November.
  • a lot of people are concerned they might have to cancel a flight because of health concerns or if we are headed toward another lockdown. What happens if you book one of these cheaper flights?
  • all new bookings. Even basic economy bookings, you can change your dates without having to pay a penalty. You can push those dates to February or April or even out to June without having to pay the normal $200 or $300 penalty. Toya: a recent study found 44 cases of covid transmission among 1.2 billion passengers. Experts say the TSA will still urge travelers to keep their masks on while

source WISN

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