September 20, 2021

How to Cancel an Air Canada Flight Booking & Reservations – Aviationrepublic

How do I cancel my Air Canada flight?

You may cancel your purchase of tickets up to 24 hours after purchase and Air Canada will provide you with a full refund without penalty.  Before canceling your reservation, there are a few things you should know about the Air Canada cancellation policy. If your ticket is refundable, then only you will be able to receive a refund for the cancellation, and if you have a non-refundable ticket, the airline will not refund it.

If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, Air Canada provides the option to cancel your flight online without any penalties or cancellation fees. The ticket price will be refunded upon request for the cost of the booking.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy  

  • If a passenger wants to cancel a flight reservation on Air Canada after 24 hours of flight reservation, then, he or she may require to pay the cancellation charges.
  • You must cancel your ticket at least 2 hours before departure.
  • If your flight was cancelled before April 13, 2021, you must request a refund before June 12, 2021. If you request after this date, the balance value of your ticket will either be converted to an Air Canada Travel Voucher or to Aeroplan points with a 65% bonus. 
  • Refunds for cancelled flights can take 1 to 3 months. 
  • Refunds are credited to the original form of payment. 
  • If you’ve already received compensation for a cancelled flight from your insurance company, you are not eligible to claim a refund. 
  • Most taxes are refundable, but some are not.
  • If you didn’t receive a complete refund per your entitlement, you must fill out this refund request form. 
  • Non-refundable tickets qualify for a refund only if the cancellation is within Air Canada’s control. If the cancellation is outside the airline’s control, you must avail of the alternate travel options offered to you. If the alternative option offered to you doesn’t suit you, you must: 
    • Either transfer the balance value of your ticket to an Air Canada Travel Voucher, which never expires and is transferrable
    • Or convert the balance value of your ticket (minus taxes) into Aeroplan points with 65% bonus miles 

What is Air Canada’s international flight cancellation policy?

Air Canada allows its passengers to cancel a confirmed flight without encountering any difficulty in accordance with Air Canada’s cancellation policy. Passengers can review the policy before canceling an Air Canada flight. An overview of Air Canada’s cancellation policies is presented below:

For international flights, Air Canada will refund the ticket in full if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the actual purchase.

Passengers must pay a cancellation fee to cancel an Air Canada flight after 24 hours of purchase.

Cancellation can only be made through the original point of purchase. Passengers need to contact the point of purchase to cancel their Air Canada flight without any problems. Cancellation fees vary based on ticket type, trip, and time remaining before actual departure.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy of Air Canada

Under the 24-hour cancellation policy of Air Canada, you are allowed to cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase and receive a full refund—regardless of what type of ticket you’ve purchased.  

Remember: The Air Canada cancellation policy also states that if you cancel your ticket more than 24 hours after purchasing it, you will be charged a cancellation fee unless you’re holding a refundable ticket.

Next Call Air Canada: (833) 246-4453, to Rebook or Cancel your flight booking

Air Canada Cancellation Fee

Unless you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it, the following cancellation fee will be charged by Air Canada: 

Air Canada cancellation fee is no different as it will charge you US$200 to change your booking for a different date or for the cancellation. Air Canada cancellation fee is not applicable if you choose to cancel your tickets as per the Air Canada 24 hour cancellation policy. If you want to avoid this cancellation fee, then you must read the points listed here:

  • Air Canada cancellation fee can easily be avoided if you decide to upgrade your economy class ticket to first or business class. In this case, you will require paying the difference fare amount only
  • If you cancel your tickets within 24 hours of the purchase, then no cancellation fee will be levied
  • If you are cancelling or changing your tickets due to bereavement reasons, then the airline will not only support but waive off the US$200 fee along with providing you with relaxation to some extent
  • If you have the Air Canada cancellation insurance and the flights of Air Canada due weather cancellations, then all the cancellation charges will be waived off
Air Canada Cancellation Fee by Ticket Type
Type of TicketCancellation Fee
Basic Economy Not permitted 
Standard EconomyUSD 200
FlexUSD 200
ComfortUSD 200
Latitude USD 0
Premium Economy FlexibleUSD 0
Premium Economy Non-FlexibleUSD 200
Business Class FlexibleUSD 0
Business Class Non-FlexibleUSD 200
Award Ticket USD 0 – 150 

No Refunds: Flex, Standard Economy, and Comfort are non-refundable.

For Air Canada Economy Standard cancellation fee: US $ 25 <61 days and the US $ 100> 60 days

For Flex: $ 25 <61 days and $ 50> 60 days.

For comfort: $ 0 <61 days and $ 25> 60 days.

Refunds: Latitude, Flex Premium Economy, and Business fares are considered refundable. Cancellations of these tickets may be made prior to flight departure and refunds will be issued within seven (7) business days.

For Latitude: $ 0.

Premium Economy and Business: $ 0

Award ticket:

Cancellation via costs- $ 125.
Cancellation via Contact Center – $ 150.
Diamond status: $ 30 (online), $ 100 (contact center).
Altitude Super Elite 100k Membership: No cancellation fee.

Air Canada Same Day Cancellation Fees:

Cancellation fees for changes made on the same day are:

Basic Economy tickets are not accepted.
On standard tickets, it is $ 150 and $ 100 for routes between JFK and Toronto, LaGuardia and Newark airports.

Comfort and Flex tickets cost $ 75. There is no charge on routes between JFK and Toronto, LaGuardia, Newark.

  • Locator tickets – $ 0.
  • Premium Economy Class – $ 0.
  • Business-class fare – $ 0

On award tickets: USD 100 per direction for all types of tickets, i.e. $ 75 for passengers with the Aeroplan Diamond. There is no charge for passengers with Altitude Super Elite 100k.

For any other information, you can visit the official Air Canada website or contact customer service, agents.

How to cancel an Air Canada flight

Canceling an Air Canada flight is easy. If you have booked on and your travel has not yet expired, you can easily cancel your ticket by visiting this website. You can cancel your ticket online by clicking My Bookings. Your return will be processed immediately. If you bought your ticket through an agent, you will have to ask them to cancel your ticket.

Air Canada flight cancellation methods:

Air Canada Online Flight Cancellation Method:

  • Log in to your Air Canada account: – First, log in to your Air Canada account through its home page through the official website.
    Go to Manage My Booking: – Then go to Manage My Booking to make any desired cancellations.
  • Enter your ticket details: – You may then be required to enter ticket details such as PNR number and last name.
  • Select the reservations to be canceled and then click “Cancel Reservation”: – Now you need to select the reservations to be canceled and then click the “Cancel Reservation” link.
  • A confirmation email will be sent: – Once the cancellation is confirmed, an email will be sent with the voucher information for any remaining amount after the cancellation fees have been charged.

Air Canada Cancellation By Phone:

Air Canada’s offline flight cancellation method is by phone. If there is a problem with the online method, flyers can use this method, but it can take time. Passengers can dial the Air Canada cancellation phone number then speak with the agent directly to cancel the booking, and be sure to ask for a confirmation email for future reference. The support service is available 24 * 7 for any help.

Cancellation at the Airport

In case you are unable to cancel your tickets through the methods listed above, you can still go to the nearest airport to cancel your tickets. And for this, you will need to locate the Airport Ticket Office of Air Canada to cancel your tickets in person. Once your cancellation process is initiated, your refund will be credited to the same account you have used to book your tickets. For more details, you can call on the Air Canada phone number cancellations.

Through travel agencies:

Passengers who have purchased tickets from travel agencies should contact the agency itself to cancel their booking.

You may not cancel your booking online if:

  • You booked your flight through Air Canada Reservations or by another means:
    • You’ll need to cancel your flight via the same method it was booked.
  • You are looking to cancel an Aeroplan Reward Booking:
    • Please contact Aeroplan directly.
  • You need to make a particular cancellation:
    • Please call Air Canada Reservations.

Can I transfer My Air Canada flight to another person?

Yes, only for flights within Canada (this means that the origin and destination should both be in Canada). The airline will ask for a name change fee, to check the most up-to-date fees, please call Air Canada on the number below*.

*Contact Air Canada Tel 00 800 669 92222. This is a toll-free number for North America. Please ensure that you dial the number exactly as shown (including the 00 prefix) and that international dialing is enabled on your landline or mobile telephone.

Air Canada Refund Policy

Please note that tickets canceled within 24 hours of booking may in some cases be non-refundable. If you purchased a ticket as part of an offer or sale, please ensure that it cannot be refunded 24 hours after booking.

If a flight is canceled or delayed by Air Canada for more than 3 hours, or a passenger is denied boarding and the passenger refuses to make an alternative trip, that passenger is entitled to a refund for the unused trip.

The Basic Economy Rate has limitations: you cannot make any changes or even cancel after booking. After 24 hours from the date of purchase of the ticket, no refund is possible. Moreover, you will not receive any credits for future travel.

How to request a refund for canceled booking with Air Canada

Respond: Air Canada booking refunds may vary based on travel status. So, to help you get a clear idea, here are some of the details listed regarding the return process under Air Canada’s cancellation or return policy.

For those who have already traveled: Passengers who have partially completed their trip and wish to claim a refund for the unused portion can complete the online refund request form and claim a refund.

For those who have not yet traveled: Passengers who have not yet started their journey with the airline can easily claim a refund. But first, they have to cancel the reservation. If the booking is fully refundable, passengers will be given an instant refund. But in the case of a different booking, the passenger should contact the airline booking department for the necessary assistance in this regard.

Medical Illness 

The Air Canada cancellation policy for medical illness applies to flight cancellations made due to any medical illness that prevents you from catching your flight. If a sudden illness or medical condition prevents you from boarding your flight, you can cancel your booking and get a full refund. However, you may be asked to provide documentary evidence to prove the illness. 

How late can you cancel a flight?

It’s a customer service standard set by the Department of Transportation that says airlines must let travelers hold a reservation at the quoted fare for 24 hours without payment, or allow a purchased reservation to be canceled within 24 hours without penalty and with a full refund to the original form of payment.

Weather Cancellation Policy 

The Air Canada weather cancellation policy applies to flight disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions. Under the policy, you can cancel your flight booking and get a full refund if your flight is cancelled due to bad weather. If your flight is cancelled, you can either cancel your booking and ask for a refund, or opt for an alternate flight offered to you by the airline flight at no additional cost (if it suits you).

Can I change my Air Canada flight date for free?

If you are scheduled to travel during the affected period, you can retrieve your booking to change your flight, free of charge, to another date between now and January 17, 2020, subject to availability in the cabin you originally purchased. Otherwise, any fare difference will apply.

How much does it cost to change an Air Canada ticket?

Air Canada also allows passengers to make changes to confirmed flights in accordance with Air Canada’s Flight Change Policy. At the same time, passengers can make changes to the date, time, place, and even the class of their flight. Passengers can make changes to their Air Canada flight free of charge if they do so within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours, Air Canada passengers will be required to pay a flight change fee.

Air Canada’s domestic flight change fee is $ 75 for a flat ticket and $ 50 for a flexible ticket. For international flights, the flight change fee is $ 200 for both fixed and flexible fares. The change fee varies depending on the type of ticket, trip, and time remaining before the scheduled departure. If a passenger chooses a more expensive transfer option, they also need to pay the difference in the fare.

For more information on Air Canada’s cancellation policy or how much it costs to change Air Canada’s flight ticket and refund policy, passengers can contact Air Canada customer service and ask for all details from a customer service agent. They can also visit the official Air Canada website for details.

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