October 3, 2023

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy & fee: How check Refund Eligibility

How to cancel a Flight Reservation with Alaska Airlines?

The procedure for canceling an Alaska Airlines flight can be expensive, frustrating, and confusing if you need to know the correct details. If you see the cancellation fees in advance, then you can save not only your money but your valuable time too.

As per Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy, You can easily cancel your Alaska Airlines Booking in a very simple manner. According to Alaska Airlines’ 24-hour Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your flights within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund. You can simply cancel your flights online. To know more about the flight cancellation and refund, you are supposed to go through the

  • Step 1: Log into your account on Alaska’s homepage and select My Trips.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve selected the trip you want to cancel, select Cancel. You can also change your ticket from this screen as well.
  • Step 3: The next screen will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel your booking. After you click Confirm, your booking will officially be canceled and you’ll receive a confirmation containing your ticket number with any remaining funds after any potential cancellation fees.

If you prefer to have a customer service agent walk you through the cancellation process, you can do so by calling 800-252-7522 or (234) 231-8148.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation by Phone

  • Step #1: Dial Alaska Airlines Reservations Department (234) 231-8148. toll-free number. If you have any specific query or question related to your flight ticket reservation’s fare, refunds, or Alaska Airlines online air ticket cancellation, contact Alaska Airlines via phone.
  • Step #2: Tell the aviation executive that you want to cancel your Alaska Airlines tickets.
  • Step #3: Check your air ticket refund options.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation at Airport

Step #1: First of all, you need to go to the airport where you have decided to board the flight.
Step #2: After that, you need to visit Alaska Airlines ATO (Airport Ticket Office).
Step #3: You can talk face to face with the Alaska Airlines executive and ask him or her to cancel your flight tickets. The refund will be credited back to the same debit card or credit card via which you had made the payment.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Fee

Alaska Airlines Cancellation fee would be applicable on all the fare types, trip types, and classes of service selected at the time of purchasing a reservation. Here’s everything you need to know about the Alaska Airlines cancellation fee – 

  • Alaska Airlines cancel fee waiver would be applicable on all bookings if canceled within 24 hours of the date of purchase. Alaska Airlines full refund would be processed.
  • In case of Alaska Airlines non-refundable ticket cancellation, passengers would still be charged the Alaska Airlines cancellation fee and the remaining booking value would be converted in the form of future travel credit that can be redeemed within one year from the date of purchase. 
  • The airlines charge a cancellation fee of 125 USD per person. 
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Here’s the complete overview of the Alaska Airlines cancellation fee based on the fare types and the class of service – 

Alaska Airlines Cancellation TypeStandard feeSaver FareFirst Class (purchased) passengerFirst Class (award) passenger
Same-day cancellation fees$50$50$50$50
Same-day cancellation fees for flights entirely within the state of California or in our shuttle markets.$25$25$25$25
Change/cancellation fee125 USD125 USD125 USD125 USD

Here we are stating the Alaska Airline cancellation policy in detail, have a look:

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy:

We have listed below the main things that you need to know to change or cancel your flight with Alaska Airlines:

For all the tickets bought for more than 24 hours from the scheduled time, the flights are allowed to be canceled, and the travelers can opt for a full refund on canceling the flight within 24 hours.

For the tickets that are bought more than 24 hours before the scheduled departure, the first class and main cabin fares are allowed to be changed within 24 hours of booking without any change in fees (Do know that travelers will be responsible for paying if there is any increment in tax or fare). Saver fare policy does not allow alteration of the ticket within 24 hours of departure, although the traveler can cancel the ticket and rebook within 24 hours of their booking.

If you have already bought a refundable ticket, the user can speak to the customer care representative or apply online to receive the refund back to the original payment source. If the traveler has booked and wishes to cancel a non-refundable ticket, then credits are issued to buy a future ticket.

  • Also, same-day changes can be made for the check-in window, but a fee of at least $25 is charged and can go upto $50. Alaska Airlines will waive the extra fees if you have an MVP Gold 75k status.
  • Also, for award tickets, you can notify the airlines via customer care or online before scheduled departure. You can receive the Mileage plan miles credited back into the respective account.

The rules stated above are always subject to change. You can check the Alaska Airlines website for the changing fare class you tend to cancel or change.

24-hour Cancellation Policy for Alaska Airlines:

The policy allows the customer to cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of buying it and opt for a full refund if the scheduled departure is past 24 hours of booking. This rule applies to all fares, inclusive of Saver fares.

Do know that the policy is applicable for travel tickets past 24 hours from the time of purchase. And if the customer cancels the booking within 24 hours of scheduled departures, they are charged the cancellation fees.

The refund here gets credited back to the original mode of payment, i.e., if the booking is made by credit card, the amount is credited back to the source.

Refund Eligibility on Cancellation of Alaska Airlines ticket:

For canceling the ticket online and opting for a credit or refund, the customer’s reservation should have been through the below listed below:

  • Alaskaair.com books the tickets via the Alaska airline ticket window or reservation customer care.
  • It should not be a saver fare and should be reserved for more than 24 hours.
  • It is not comprised of government fare
  • The ticket should be bought within a year of the original purchase.
  • The ticket should not be a part of any vacation or group package booking.
  • It is ticketed via US $ as the currency.
  • Should never contain any accompanied minor being booked on a carrier other than Alaska Airlines.

The refundable booking that meets the above criteria is refunded towards the original payment source. In addition, the reservations, including Saver fares, can be canceled within twenty-four hours of the original booking and refunded to the original payment source.

If 24 hours have passed, the travelers are issued a credit deposit or certificate in their wallet. The applicable charges for change at the time of credit deposit or certificate issuance will be applied.

How can customers cancel their Alaska Airlines tickets?

Travelers can cancel the Alaska Airlines ticket via Phone, online, or through the call center/ ticket office/travel agent.

How can any customer cancel their Alaska Airlines ticket by Phone?

For cancellation of an Alaska Airlines ticket via Phone, the customer needs to call and request for cancellation. Their customer care number is toll-free and available 24/7.

How to cancel your Alaska Airlines flight online?

To cancel your Alaska Airlines ticket online, you can follow the below-listed steps:

  • Reach out to the official website of Alaska Air, i.e., AlaskaAir.com
  • Now click on the tab named “Manage Trip.”
  • Enter the information asked, i.e., last name and confirmation code or e-ticket number.
  • Now hit on the continue tab
  • Now choose the flight you would like to cancel
  • Select the cancel option
  • Choose any one from the following:
    • For receiving your credit certificate, you can opt to receive the travel credit via email
    • To obtain the credit deposit in your account, you can send the credit to the My wallet option.
  • If you select the first option, the customer will receive two emails from the airlines via service@ifly.alaskaair.com. One will have a certificate code, and the other will have a PIN. You will require the PIN and certificate code to book a new flight.
  • If you selected the second option, the ticket value would be deposited and reflected in MyAccount for future travel.
  • If you have opted for a credit certificate, know it will be valid for a year from the date it was issued or 30 days from the cancellation or exchange date, whichever is later.

Travel Credits for Alaska Airlines:

When any traveler cancels or changes their non-refundable ticket, the ticket value:

  • Can be exchanged via a credit certificate
  • Can be deposited in My Account wallet
  • It can be used in the ticket form

How can you redeem credit certification to book another flight with Alaska Airlines?

For using the credit certificate to purchase a new ticket, the traveler can enter the credit certificate code received by email, followed by the PIN to complete the procedure. Remember, you cannot act as your mobile app; you must visit the official website.

For making a new flight booking online via Credit certificate:

Visit Alaska Airlines’ official website, i.e., www.AlaskaAir.com

Now proceed further to secure your new flight; reach out to the payment page:

  • Choose the certificate and wallet section
  • Now hit on use gift cards or certificates (If you tend to use four certificates, then deposit them in your wallet first)

Now enter the credit certificate code followed by the PIN. Double-check your PIN and code before entering, as they should match correctly. If you need to pay, enter your credit card details and pay the remaining amount, and your purchase is complete.

You will receive your new ticket by email.

How can you deposit a credit certificate in your wallet?

The traveler can deposit the Alaska Airline certificate in their wallet. Then, to book your new ticket, the customer can use the remaining balance in addition to his wallet fund on the payment page.

For depositing the credit in your account wallet:

  • Reach out to the official website of Alaska Airlines, i.e., www.AlaskaAir.com
  • Now sign in to your account with the help of a Mileage/User ID number and the password.
  • Now choose My Wallet
  • You can enter the code and PIN at this stage and hit the Deposit tab.
  • After entering the code for verification, you must agree with the deposit rules.
  • You need to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the deposit procedure.
  • The credit certificate value will be reflected in your wallet.
  • The value of your Credit Certificate will be credited to your wallet and meditated there.

How can a traveler apply for a fee refund at Alaska Airlines?

In case you choose to cancel your flight for which you have already purchased many add-ons like inflight entertainment, checked baggage, wi-fi charges, etc., you can apply for a refund for unused service fees:

  • The traveler can contact Alaska Airlines via email at refunds@alaskaair.com to avail of the refund for an unaccompanied minor fee, checked baggage fees, pet fee, or therapeutic oxygen fee paid directly to the airline.
  • For the fee refund for a cruise ship, hotel, or skycap, you can refer to the varied instructions already stated in the receipt.
  • To avail refund for the fees paid to interline partners or codeshare, you can reach them out directly.

What should you do if your Alaska Airlines flight is canceled or rescheduled?

If your flight is canceled or rescheduled, you will be asked to move to one of their next available flights. If the new flight that is being allotted is after an hour, the travel can opt for:

  • Rescheduling your flight upto a day earlier or later
  • Cancel the trip or getaway and can request the travel credit that can be used later.
  • Cancel your trip or getaway and then ask for a refund.

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Does Alaska Airlines give refunds for Cancelled flights?

Although Alaska allows refunds only for purchased refundable tickets, it does offer an exception if it changes or cancels your flight. And if you need to cancel a nonrefundable ticket, the airline will allow you to use the cost of your unused ticket for future travel, as long as travel is booked within a year.

How late can I cancel my Alaska Airlines flight?

Cancel your flights within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund, or make a change* to your itinerary within 24 hours of purchase with no change fees. Planning a trip can be complicated; hurdles tend to pop up when you’re least expecting them.

Does Alaska give credit for Cancelled flights?

Be advised that the lost ticket process takes at least four months. We now offer you the option to receive a credit certificate on most wholly unused nonrefundable tickets when canceling on alaskaair.com.

Can I cancel my Alaska flight and get a refund?

For tickets purchased in the past 24 hours, you can cancel the flight for a full refund online by visiting the Manage Reservations page. If your ticket was purchased within 24 hours of the departure time, you’ll likely be subject to a $125 fee, which Alaska will subtract from the unused ticket.

What if Alaska Airlines changes my flight?

If your departure or arrival time changes by an hour or more or a stop is added to your journey, you are eligible for a full refund of the remaining value of your ticket. … Even if your flight is delayed by just one hour, you qualify for a full refund.

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