May 8, 2021

Emirates’ new Premium Economy cabin on its A380 superjumbo

Flying in a pandemic is a little bit different than it was before and it pays to be prepared. Airlines expect travellers to wear personal protective equipment on flights and people are encouraged to limit their movements around the cabin and reduce their interaction with crew and other passengers.

The International Air Transport Association recently extended a regulation that states all passengers must wear masks when travelling via public transport. For James Michael Lafferty, chief executive of Fine Hygienic Holding, a wellness company that manufactures reusable and anti-viral face masks, it’s important that people put some thought into the type of mask they wear when travelling.

“While the opening of air corridors will be a boon for airline operators and passengers eager to visit their friends and family abroad, one thing remains the same: the importance of personal safety,” says Lafferty.

Emirates’ new Premium Economy cabin on its A380 superjumbo.
Emirates has taken delivery of its newest superjumbo fitted with the Dubai airline’s first Premium Economy cabin. All images courtesy Emirates
Travellers cannot yet book a seat in Premium Economy but the airline will be offering complimentary upgrades to those flying Economy.
The stairway on the A380 main deck, around which Emirates’ new Premium Economy cabin is located.
Emirates’ Premium Economy seats feature anti-stain leather and luxurious stitching details.
With a generous pitch of up to 40 inches, seat are 19.5 inches wide and recline eight inches into a cradle position with room to stretch out.
Each traveller has an in-armrest dining table and cocktail table.
Throughout the new A380 superjumbo, there’s new finishes and design touches featuring the Ghaf tree motif, as well as a new bronze and cream colour scheme.


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