October 3, 2023

How to Cancel KLM Flight Booking? 24 Hrs. Policy & other Fee details

KLM: how to cancel, rebook or get a refund on your flight

KLM Cancellation Policy

Some things, like the weather or a person’s situation in life, are just impossible to foresee. Passengers may need to cancel already-scheduled flights for one or the other reasons. People in these situations can also be worried about the cost of their tickets. KLM’s new cancellation policy was created especially to deal with these issues. It includes several practical features that might help pilots in various situations. This will allow you to save money and apply for a cancellation refund. As a result, before attempting to reverse your bookings, you must be aware of their limitations.

KLM Reservation cancellation period of 24 hours

If you change your mind within the first twenty-four hours of booking a reservation, you are free to do so, and KLM Airlines will return the charges with no questions asked. Even their standard administrative fees won’t be charged in this situation.

Would you like to delay considering your purchase without being concerned that the cost might increase in the interim? You can also choose a different flight, albeit doing so will incur a fee. The price will be guaranteed, and you can decide whenever you’re ready.

KLM Airlines Flight Cancelation Policy

The following circumstances are allowed you to cancel your KLM flight and obtain a full refund (without paying the penalty for the flight cancellation or an administrative fee), according to the KLM flight cancellation policy:

  • If you purchased your ticket online on KLM’s American website, you had twenty-four hours to change your mind about taking a flight to or from the United States. This holds for all types of tickets.
  • You decided not to board the other flight because your original flight was canceled.
  • KLM has rescheduled your flight. However, the new time could be more convenient for you.
  • Since you have a ticket that may be used in any situation, you can get a refund if desired (this applies to any travel class).
  • You decided to cancel your trip to Europe because it would be more than 90 minutes late, and you had other flights booked for that day to other locations.
  • Even though your international flight was already three hours late, you still chose to cancel it.
  • A traveler in your reservation passed away.
  • The visa was refused for you.
  • You were denied boarding even though you had a verified ticket.
  • The terms and conditions for modifying or canceling your flight ticket will be described in the email that KLM sends you after your reservation is confirmed. Additionally, you can gain online access to them via My Trip.
  • If you purchased your ticket from a third party, such as a travel agency or website, you must contact that organization directly to cancel and receive a refund for your purchase.

How can anyone Cancel his/her KLM Flight Tickets?

Airlines’ customers have various choices, making it very easy to cancel their tickets. Keep reading to learn more about the topic.

Online System

  • Visit the KLM official company website.
  • On the website’s home page, there will be an “MY TRIP” option that you have to select.
  • You have two options for getting your flight tickets: log in to your FLYING BLUE account and access it using the BOOKING CODE.
  • When choosing the booking code option, you must provide your surname and the booking code.
  • And after this is finished, you’ll have to log in.
  • You will be directed to a new page titled “MANAGE BOOKING” after successfully logging in, where you can access various options.
  • Choose the “CANCEL” option from this menu to revoke your reservation with KLM.
  • The screen will now display a variety of instructions.
  • Carefully read the instructions before canceling your flight to avoid any issues later.


If you have the required information and know the KLM ticket cancellation requirements, you can cancel your flight with KLM over the call today. Call KLM’s customer service. A meeting with the executive assigned to you will take place. KLM will need certain information, like your name, booking number, and other relevant details, to begin the trip cancellation in response to your request. The airline will contact you about the cancellation once you’ve taken the necessary procedures to cancel your KLM reservation.


You can still cancel your journey with KLM by going to the nearest KLM ticket office or the airport if the methods above cannot be used for whatever reason. Provide the executive with the necessary details, and they will cancel your flight tickets on your behalf.

Next call KLM Customer Service to change your flight: (888) 635-5228

Refer to this information to get help with cancellation and other details about the Airlines:

KLM changing or cancelling reservations(888) 635-5228
Customer Service1-800-237-2747
For More Information visit –KLM

KLM Airlines Cancellation Fees:

The airline operator will charge you a set sum of money to cover the cancellation fees. A variety of factors largely influence this. They are:

  • Ticket type
  • Revocation type
  • Ticket Class

By figuring out how these various parameters affect your revocations, you can understand the flight cancellation fees levied by KLM.

  • To avoid being charged the price for ticket reversals, you must reverse your ticket within one day of booking it.
  • Domestic and foreign flights are subject to this law within a particular region.
  • A fee could be charged if a reservation is canceled with more than 24 hours’ notice.
  • Your reservation cancellation cost could be between USD 45 and USD 125.
  • Once the entire revocation charge has been paid, you will receive your refund.

How can anyone Re-book cancel KLM Flight?

You must adhere to the simple instructions listed below to rebook your tickets with KLM Airlines:

  • Visit KLM Airlines’ offline company website to learn more.
  • Log in with the “MY TRIP” account credentials you created.
  • Click on the “CHANGE FLIGHTS” option.
  • Try to choose a period that works with your schedule.
  • If applicable, the costs related to making the alterations will be listed there.
  • You are allowed to change anything you choose and confirm.
  • You will be asked to pay the price difference using the method of your choice if you reserve a ticket with a higher fare type.
  • Once the procedure is complete, the airline will email you a new set of boarding passes and tickets for the journey.

You can always call KLM’s customer care team if you cannot rebook your tickets. They will guide and help you to ensure everything is simple and easy.

KLM Airlines Refund Guidelines

It would help if you knew the KLM cancellation refund policy to qualify for the KLM cancellation compensation. The type of ticket you bought—refundable or non-refundable—will directly impact your ability to get a refund for a canceled flight. If you purchased a ticket that is eligible for a refund, you would receive a full refund. However, suppose you need to reschedule a nonrefundable ticket you bought from KLM. In that case, you must do so within 24 hours of the booking to avoid paying cancellation penalties to KLM and getting a full refund. After you have submitted your request to cancel, the money will be returned in two to four weeks.

Compensation for KLM Flight Delays and Cancellations

KLM airlines have the right to cancel your reservation if there are major delays at the end of the flight. You will be accountable for compensation. As a result, you should be able to contact the carrier for assistance in this situation.

Following the set standards will enable you to determine whether you are eligible for cancellation compensation and whether you should contact the operator for assistance.

The airline may email, text or call a passenger to inform them about the change.

Remember that your correct name and contact information must be provided for the notification to be sent to you. The carrier should be contacted in that situation so that changes to your name, phone number, etc., can be made.

As soon as you become aware of the issue, you can ask for help.

You might get assistance in the shape of cash or services.

The sorts of compensation that are commonly provided to tourists include the following:

  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Visits Hotels
  • Free-of-charge phone calls

In the event of a genuine flight cancellation, a tourist has the right to request financial compensation even if they do not look for an alternative travel ticket.

Limitations of the KLM Airlines Reimbursement Policy

The compensation policy might not be applicable in some situations. Some of its flaws include the following:

If an existing reservation is canceled or moved up due to unforeseen circumstances, you cannot anticipate getting help. These are listed below:

  • Unfavorable weather
  • Strikes
  • Politics

The traveler will only be entitled to compensation if a reservation is canceled up to two weeks before departure.

On the other hand, you might be given access to another plane ticket.

Additionally, you can ask for a complete return of your payment.

Due to the circumstances of the trip, a traveler could have to cancel their flight. In situations like these, KLM’s policy is quite supportive and helpful.

What if KLM cancels My flight

If KLM cancels a flight, we inform you by text message, email, or telephone. It is therefore important that you provide your contact details when you make a booking. We will inform you of the available rebooking options or let you know if you have already been rebooked. Your new travel schedule and boarding pass will be available at KLM.com (login to MyTrip), the KLM App, and our self-service kiosks at the airport.

How can you reach KLM?

Reach KLM through Social Media

If you would like to change your booking, you can contact us through the following social media channels:

KLM is on social media 24/7, ready to help you change your ticket. We are available in the following 11 languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

At the airport desk

If you get stranded at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and your connecting flight has been cancelled, go to one of the KLM Transfer Centres. KLM ground staff there will be ready to book you onto another flight.

KLM app

This won’t lead to contact with KLM-staff but via the log-in section on KLM.com, you can check the status of your (new) flight. You might find out that your re-booking has already been arranged and your new boarding pass is ready for you.

Reach KLM by Telephone

You can reach us 24/7 on: +31 (0) 20 4747747. The staff there will help to book you onto a new flight.

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