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How To Change/Correction Name On KLM Flight: Correcting a typo in a name

KLM Name Change Policy allows passengers to make essential changes to their names or other information in several ways. In the offline method, you can make such changes via live support. Alternatively, you can contact the carrier and resolve the issue over the phone. Additionally, you can make modifications at the airport. A name change can be done online through the official website, according to the online procedure.

There is also an email service available through which you can continue the process. Last but not least, you can use the media to resolve your issue.  

KLM Name Change Policy

In the case of unintentional mistakes on booking forms, KLM is offering a name change policy. By charging a minimal or no fee, the policy assists them in making the necessary corrections. The KLM name correction or change policy consists of the following components:

  • KL M will allow you to make changes to your name till 30 hours prior to departure. 
  • In order to fill out the KLM name change form, you must have a ticket booked from an official platform. Flight changes are not available for bookings made outside of the designated channels.
  • KLM allows name changes based on passport information. It is not possible to change the passenger’s full name. A ticket purchased by you cannot be transferred to another person.
  • In order to modify his or her name after the risk-free period, the passenger will have to pay a portion of the ticket fare.
  • It is not possible to change passenger names on the same day of departure. 
  • In accordance with KLM’s name change policy, name changes are only considered for flights with KL flight numbers.
  • In the case of third-party bookings, the passenger name cannot be changed.
  • Reward tickets are not eligible for KLM’s name change service. Please contact the team individually if you need to make corrections. Contact the team through the official website or customer service line.

NOTE: A passenger who has made a booking with the partnered airline needs to update their name at least 72 hours before departure.

Correcting a typo in a name

It’s an error! We all make typing mistakes from time to time. It’s no problem if it’s only a typo: we’ve got you covered.

How to make a name correction

Are you aware that your name has a typo? If you booked your trip with KLM and are flying with KLM, Air France, or Delta Air Lines, you can request a free name correction.

You must submit your request at least 72 hours before departure if your flight is operated by a different partner airline. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

  • If you meet the following criteria, you do not need to request a name correction:
  • Your booking shows only one first name – it’s correct that only one first name is displayed;
  • As long as it’s the same last name as your passport, you can use your maiden name;
  • Our system removed spaces from your name, it’s not a typo.
  • The ticket remains in your name – you can’t replace your name with someone else’s.

Highlights of the KLM Name Correction Policy

  • It is recommended that you book through the official channels.
  • If you correct the name within the allotted timeframe, it will be accepted.
  • It is possible to change the names of passengers up to 30 hours before departure according to KLM’s name correction policy.
  • Passports should have the same age as the applicant. 
  • It is permissible to fly with a corrected maiden or family name. Essentially, it means that you can still use the same ticket even if you forgot to enter your complete name during the reservation process. However, it is always a good idea to double-check the spelling of your name. Passports should have the same information.
  • In cases where the booking is made outside of the offered channels, you will be charged a name change fee by KLM.
  • A KLM name change charge will be imposed if the correction is made after the free change period has expired.

Does KLM allow name changes?

Yes. KLM allows name changes. However, the passengers who booked tickets outside the authorized centers can not make name change requests on the official portals. They will need to contact the third-party agent on their own. Most of the time, they may need to reissue their ticket.

Can I change the name on a KLM ticket?

Yes. You can change the name on a KLM ticket. For this, you must have a valid ticket purchased from the official portals and changes should be done at least 30 hours prior to departure. For the corrections made within the allotted period, you will not need to pay KLM name change charges.

How to correct the name on the KLM flight ticket?

You have several choices for correcting the name on your KLM flight ticket: official website, mobile app, airport counters, or customer service number. Choose any of them and make all the required changes hassle-free.

How much to change the name on a KLM flight?

To change the name on a KLM flight, you will need to pay the following charges:

Free: According to the KLM name change policy, the airline will not charge any fees if the correction requests are submitted within 30 hours of departure for KLM airlines or 72 hours of departure for associated airlines.

Fees: You will need to pay a portion of the ticket fare as a KLM name change charge for making modifications after the risk-free period.

You will need to pay the full ticket fare as KLM name change charges if the name change request is made on the day of departure.

Follow the steps to change your name in an easy way:

  • Open the official website of the KLM airline.
  • There will be a section to contact us.
  • After selecting Contact Us, passengers will see that there is an option for a name change policy.
  • In your KLM name change policy, the telephone number is provided, or you can directly make a call to +1 800 618 0104. IVR will provide you with the telephone menu.
  • Select the digit according to your query. After dialing the digit according to your query, a live representative will answer the call.

Give them the details you want to change. After making the changes, pay the required amount and the flight ticket will be reissued within an hour.

KLM Name Change Online

  • Visit klm.com.
  • Enter your account using login details (username and password).
  • Go with the ‘Manage Booking’ tab.
  • Now, provide your KLM booking number and last name.
  • The next page will show you the list of bookings. Select the relevant one.
  • Make essential changes to the name and double-check it before submitting the same.
  • You may also need to upload a valid document.
  • Hereafter, you’ll have to pay the applicable fee, if eligible.
  • In the end, KLM will send you a confirmation mail.
  • KLM Airlines Change Name Offline

It is no issue if you dislike web-based technologies.KLM Airlines also accepts name change requests through some traditionally followed methods. It includes;

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Customer Helpdesk Number

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How Much Does KLM Charge for Name Change/Correction?

For a limited time, KLM does not charge any costs for changing the airline tickets’ names. Look at the following details to better understand the pricing for changing ticket names.

The flights allow free adjustments up to 30 hours before arrival. If you go over this window, the airline will charge you a modest cost for name changes.

Contact a representative by calling the Customer Service Number anytime for more information about the KLM change on a ticket.

They are available 24 hours a day to provide you with prompt responses. Therefore, don’t wait to call the number and speak with an executive.

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