January 11, 2024

Air Canada Name Change & Correction Policy

Air Canada provides its passengers with the flexibility to change their names on its tickets. It is possible that a person’s name may be misspelled in the original ticket. To change the name on the ticket, they will have to follow a specific process. Air Canada is one of the major airlines in Canada as it provides people with daily flights to many destinations.

Air Canada Name Change Policy

  • Air Canada offers a name change service for free within 24 hours of the initial reservation. Otherwise, it charges $60 as the name change fee.
  • If you want to change your itinerary, Air Canada will not make changes to the flight date, time and destination. Also, if you want to change your name on the reservation, it is not possible.
  • Minor corrections would be allowed to the date of birth or gender due to errors committed at the time of booking.
  • In the case of multiple flights, name changes can only be requested for each segment on Air Canada. You can also request a name change for an Air Canada flight that is part of a code-share or interline agreement with other airlines.
  • Air Canada offers name correction to be considered as reissuance in the same fare class and the Air Canada change fee along with fare difference would be applicable.
  • Air Canada’s new name correction policy will include the name change of a passenger and all the other changes apart from the name. The name change of Air Canada would not be included in this policy
  • According to Air Canada’s policy, passengers can request a name change by going to their website or calling Air Canada Reservations.

Air Canada is an airline that aims complete satisfaction with inflight as well as reservations and managing bookings towards its customers. Air Canada is always ready to take an extra mile for their happiness.

This is why the Air Canada change name on the ticket has been made possible. 

Before moving forward, one must identify the difference between Name Change and Name Correction.

Name Correction: The name correction is an important factor in the identification of a passenger. This process can be done by either changing only three characters in the name or entire name. The person who will carry out this procedure will have to produce documents such as a passport or id with the correct spelling and name of the passenger.

Name Change: This means that the passenger’s name can be changed to one of the same or similar spelling as long as it is a legal name. They must provide valid legal documents for this change to take place.

Next Call Air Canada: (888) 284-8720, to Rebook or Change your flight booking with Air Canada

Required Documents for the Air Canada name change on the ticket

Passengers will have to produce the documents and send them in through the official email ID. You may have to attach the following documents for approval of the name change-

  • Application form requesting the name change.
  • The Old Ticket from which the name requires to be corrected with the ticket number.
  • New Name with proof of the document.
  • Legal documents, such as Marriage or Divorce papers, and in transgender cases. 
  • And other supporting documents to prove the request. 

Change Misspelled Name on Air Canada Ticket

Air Canada has changed their name correction policy on itineraries that includes flight segments with other airlines by introducing a process where the original ticket will be refunded less an Air Canada name change fee + taxes.

The rules and regulations associated with the Air Canada name change policy did not change on 014 ticket inventory where all of the segments of a flight would be operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, or Air Canada Express.

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Air Canada Name Change Policy

Air Canada offers a name change service for free within 24 hours of the initial reservation. Otherwise, it charges $60 as the name change fee.

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