October 3, 2023

How to Change or Select Seat on Emirates Airlines Flight: All you need to know

All you Need to Know About Emirates Seat Selection Process

Emirates is one of the most popular airlines in the world. It is known for its high-quality service, and it has an excellent reputation.

The airline has many different classes of service available on its flights: economy class, business class, first class, and even private jet suites. However, there are still some things you need to know about the Emirates seat selection process.

In this article, we will provide you with everything that you need to know about the Emirates seat selection process. We will discuss how to choose your seat when booking your flight with Emirates Airlines and what type of seats are available on each class level.

Emirates Airlines Phone Number and Emails

Emirates Customer Service

  • Phone: +971 600 555 555 or (888) 635-5228(UAE)
  • Phone: (888) 635-5228 (US)
  • Email: ekuae@emirates.com (UAE)
  • Email: emirates-on-line@emirates.com (US)
  • Email: ekuk@emirates.com (UK)

Seat Options Offered by Emirates

Emirates offers a wide range of seat options for passengers, including first class, business class, and economy class. First class seats are the most expensive, but they offer the most privacy and comfort. Business class seats are more affordable and offer more legroom than economy seats. Economy seats are the least expensive option available from Emirates.

Emirates offers a wide range of seats to suit your needs.

Economy class: This Emirates Airlines Economy class is divided into the following categories of fares:

Economy Class Economy Class seats are available in rows 1 to 4, and rows 25 to 28. This is the most affordable way to fly with Emirates, but it’s still pretty great! You’ll have plenty of legroom and can watch movies on the screens above your head.

Emirates Regular Seats Options

Emirates is the world’s largest international airline and offers a wide range of options for frequent flyers. They have three different types of regular seats on their aircraft:

  1. Exit row seats are located at the rear of the cabin, near the emergency exit doors. These seats have extra legroom and can be reclined a little more than other seats in economy class.
  2. Aisle seats are usually located near the middle of the cabin, and they give you more space than window or middle seats. The downside is that they don’t have direct access to overhead compartments or bathrooms—you’ll have to walk past other passengers to get there!
  3. Window seats are located at either side of the aisle (one on each side), allowing you to see out of your window without having to disturb anyone else by getting up out of your seat. You’ll also have access to overhead compartments and bathrooms without having to disturb other passengers!

Emirates Preferred Seats Options

Emirates offers two options for Preferred Seats:

  • Emirates Preferred Seats – Get the best possible seat on your flight with Emirates Preferred Seats. You’ll get a guaranteed seat of your choice, plus special perks like an extra baggage allowance, lounge access and more.
  • Emirates Skywards Silver / Gold Preferred Seat – If you fly frequently with Emirates and have achieved Silver or Gold status with our frequent flyer programme, then you can enjoy a complimentary preferred seat on all Emirates flights.

The Emirates Preferred Seats option can be used as a way to ensure you have a seat you prefer during your flight. It offers the following in-flight services:

  • Seat selection (preferred seat, window or aisle)
  • Guaranteed seat allocation to a specific seat of choice on board for all sectors booked in Economy Class
  • Priority check-in at the airport
  • Priority baggage handling at the airport
  • Priority boarding at the gate
  • Access to the lounges of Emirates Skywards Gold and Silver members

Emirates Twin Seats Options

The twin seats on board Emirates are designed to provide you with the most comfortable and convenient experience for your journey.

The first option is the single seat. This option allows you to sit in a single seat next to another passenger, or you can choose to sit by yourself if you prefer.

The second option is the double seat. This option allows you to book two adjacent seats that are next to each other. This is ideal if you want more privacy while traveling or if there are two people traveling together but not necessarily as a couple.

There are also other options available on Emirates’ website, including:

  • The window side seat – this is great for those who want an unobstructed view of the outside world as they’re flying;
  • The aisle side seat – this is ideal for those who want easy access when getting up from their seat;
  • The extra legroom – this gives passengers extra space for their legs when sitting down;
  • The exit row – if you have long legs and don’t feel comfortable sitting in economy class then this is perfect because it gives you more room than normal seats would give

Emirates Extra Legroom Seats Options

The Emirates extra legroom seat is available on all aircraft and has been designed to offer a more spacious travelling experience for passengers who require extra space.

The additional legroom can be selected during the booking process or at the time of flight check-in. The price will vary depending on the cabin type, and whether you are travelling with children or seniors.

Depending on availability, there may be a limited number of seats on each flight with this option, so please make sure to check with us before making your booking.

Emirates offers three different types of Extra Legroom Seats.

First, there is the Emirates Skywards Platinum Seat, which is available on flights between Dubai and North America. This seat offers extra legroom, as well as an amenity kit and complimentary drinks and snacks.

Second, there is the Emirates Business Class Extra Legroom Seat, which is also available on flights between Dubai and North America. This seat offers extra legroom, an amenity kit and complimentary drinks and snacks. It also offers a personal entertainment system with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, games and more.

Finally, there is the Emirates First Class Extra Legroom Seat, which is only available on flights between Dubai and North America (via Abu Dhabi). This seat offers extra legroom as well as an amenity kit with luxury items such as bath products from L’Occitane en Provence or Crabtree & Evelyn. It also includes complimentary drinks and meals served on china by flight attendants in traditional uniforms.

Business Class: Business Class offers more room than Economy Class, as well as more spacious seats with more legroom and privacy.

Business Class Business Class seats are available in rows 5 to 20. You’ll get more privacy than Economy Class, and you can also choose where you want to sit based on the day’s route or your flight time.

First Class: The most luxurious experience, First Class offers extra legroom, wider seats, and all the amenities you’d expect from Emirates.

First Class First Class seats are available in rows 2 through 22, and they’re the best! You get all of the perks of Business First Class—private suites with refreshments and multi-course meals—plus access to lounges at airports around the world where you can relax before your flight.

Emirates Seat selection fees

Emirates will automatically assign you a seat selection at no cost if you have specific needs, for example, if you are traveling with an infant or if you have medical requirements.

In Economy Class, it may be free of charge to select your seat in advance, or there could be an additional fee depending on the fare type or your Emirates Skywards membership tier.

Reserve ahead to ensure your preferred spot or select a Regular, Preferred, or Twin seat for free when online check-in opens 48 hours before your flight.

Emirates Fare type & Fees

Emirates Economy Special Fares

  • Regular: Paid
  • Preferred: Paid
  • Twin: Paid
  • Extra Legroom: Not available
  • Premium: Paid

Emirates Economy Saver Fares

  • Regular: Paid
  • Preferred: Paid
  • Twin: Paid
  • Extra Legroom: Paid
  • Premium: Paid

Emirates Economy Flex Fares

  • Regular: Complimentary
  • Preferred: Paid
  • Twin: Paid
  • Extra Legroom: Paid
  • Premium: Paid

Emirates Economy Flex Plus Fares

  • Regular: Complimentary
  • Preferred: Complimentary
  • Twin: Paid
  • Extra Legroom: Paid
  • Premium: Paid

The following are indicative price ranges for Economy Class seat selection. Fees for seat selection vary depending on the season, route, and destination.

Seat type

  • Regular: Between 15 and 40 USD
  • Preferred: Between 25 and 100 USD
  • Twin: 35–135 USD
  • Extra Legroom: Between 55 and 250 USD
  • Premium: Between 110 and 495 USD

Children who are accompanied by adults are entitled to a 50% discount on regular and preferred seats.

Emirates Skywards Members Economy Class Seat selection

Emirates Skywards tier – Platinum:

  • Regular: Complimentary
  • Preferred: Complimentary
  • Twin: Complimentary
  • Extra Legroom: Complimentary
  • Premium: Complimentary

Emirates Skywards tier – Platinum (accompanying passengers):

  • Regular: Complimentary
  • Preferred: Complimentary
  • Twin: Complimentary
  • Extra Legroom: Paid
  • Premium: Complimentary

Emirates Skywards tier – Gold (and accompanying passengers):

  • Regular: Complimentary
  • Preferred: Complimentary
  • Twin: Paid
  • Extra Legroom: Paid
  • Premium: Paid

Emirates Skywards tier – Silver:

  • Regular: Complimentary
  • Preferred: Paid
  • Twin: Paid
  • Extra Legroom: Paid
  • Premium: Paid

Emirates Skywards tier – Silver (accompanying passengers):

  • Regular: Paid
  • Preferred: Paid
  • Twin: Paid
  • Extra Legroom: Paid
  • Premium: Paid

Emirates Skywards tier – Blue:

  • Regular: Paid
  • Preferred: Paid
  • Twin: Paid
  • Extra Legroom: Paid
  • Premium: Paid

Are Emirates seat selection fees refundable?

Emirates will do its best to provide the seats you have reserved. However, please be advised that we may have to move you to a different seat due to disruption, aircraft change, or for operational, safety, or security reasons. Seat reservations are subject to change until flight departure. Consequently, refund requests can only be submitted after your flight has departed.

If you are involuntarily changed to a different seat due to operational, safety, or security reasons, you are only eligible for a refund under the following circumstances:

  • Regular seat reseated to a different type of Regular seat (window, middle, or aisle);
  • Preferred seat reseated to a different type of Preferred seat (window, middle, or aisle);
  • Preferred seat reseated to a Regular, Twin, or Extra Legroom seat;
  • Twin seat reseated to a Regular, Preferred, or Extra Legroom seat;
  • Extra Legroom seat reseated to a Regular, Preferred, or Twin seat;
  • Premium seat re‑seated on a regular, preferred, twin or an extra legroom seat;
  • Preferred seat on the upper deck reseated on the lower deck;
  • Twin seat on the upper deck reseated on the lower deck.

How to Select Seats on Emirates Airlines?

There are several ways to select seats on Emirates flights. You can reserve them in advance, and you can also change them once you’re on the plane, depending on availability.

Reserving Seats

If you want to reserve seats, you’ll need to do so when you book your flight. The best time to do this is when you purchase your ticket online because it’s easy to see all of the available options at once. You’ll find a section called “seat selection” where you can choose your seats and pay for them at the same time. If you purchase your ticket at an airport or by phone, then you’ll have to call in later with your credit card information for payment.

When reserving seats online, there are three main options: standard seats (which give you a bit more legroom), preferred seats (which offer extra legroom), and exit row seats (which are more spacious). You can also choose whether or not you want window or aisle seating—or if there’s any other special request that needs to be accommodated (such as being close enough to help someone with disabilities).

If you’re flying with Emirates, you might need to select your seats in advance. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Emirates website and click on “Booking” at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter your flight information, then click “Search”.
  3. Click on “Select Seats”, which will appear above your ticket price in the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Choose the number of passengers travelling in your group, then click Next at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select a seat for each passenger travelling with you by clicking on it and dragging it over to their name on the left side of the screen or by double-clicking on it and choosing where they should sit from a dropdown menu that appears on top of their name; repeat this process until everyone has been assigned a seat!

How to Change Seats on Emirates Airline?

If you’re flying Emirates, you can change your seats online or at the airport.

To change your seats on Emirates Airlines online:

  1. Log into your Emirates account and select “Manage Bookings” from the top menu bar.
  2. Choose the flight you want to alter from the drop-down menu and click “Modify Booking.” You’ll be redirected to a page where you can see all of your information for that flight, including your seat assignment, meal preferences, and so on.
  3. Scroll down until you see “Change Seat” in the column on the right side of the page; click here when ready to proceed with changing seats online!
  4. You’ll have three options: change your seats entirely by selecting a new seat type (such as economy vs business class), move one seat at a time based on availability (for example, if there’s an empty row in economy but not business), or request a refund for any unused tickets instead of moving them around.

Can I choose my seats on Emirates?

Yes, you can choose your seats on Emirates.

To choose your seat, simply log in to your Emirates account and select the flight that you would like to book. Once you have selected your preferred flight, click on ‘Book Now and enter your personal information. Then, click on ‘Choose Seats’. You will then be directed to a page where you can choose your seats by selecting the checkbox next to the number of seats next to each row. Once you have made your selection, click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page.

You can choose your seats in advance or at the check-in counter, depending on what’s available. If you don’t have any preference, then we recommend waiting until check-in to see what’s being offered.

On Emirates flights, you can select your seat type when you book your ticket: Standard Seats (Economy Class), Full Flat Seats (Business Class), or First Class Suites.

Can I choose my seat in Emirates economy?

Yes, you can choose your seat on Emirates economy. You are allowed to select your seat during booking, as long as it is within the same cabin class (Economy or Business). In addition, if you request a seat change once your flight has already been assigned to you, there may be an additional fee.

Which seats are best in the Emirates economy?

The best seats in Emirates economy are the ones with extra legroom. This is because they have extra space between the seats and they have extra space on the side of you, which makes it easier to stretch your legs.

The seats in the middle of rows 1-3 offer more legroom than the seats at the front of these rows.

If you want to be able to easily access your luggage, make sure you choose a seat that has a window.

What are the preferred seats in the Emirates?

Preferred seats on Emirates are those that are near emergency exits and have extra legroom. If you’re traveling with someone who needs extra space, or if you have a disability that requires extra room, then it’s worth it to ask for a preferred seat.

The downside is that they’re not always available, so if you’re planning a trip and want to secure your preferred seat, don’t wait until the last minute!

There are two types of preferred seats: those that have extra legroom and those that are near the front of the cabin. The extra legroom seats have about six inches more space between them than standard economy-class seats and are located in rows 1-4 on Airbus A380 aircraft (rows 1-5 on Boeing 777 aircraft). These seats also have an additional inch of recline compared to standard economy-class seats.

The front row is located close to the aisle and has extra legroom, but it does not recline as much as an economy-class seat. It’s also considered first class, so there is no overhead storage bin above it—just the window shade and seat pocket on each side.

What is the difference between economy and economy Flex on Emirates?

There are two types of economy seats on Emirates: economy and economy flex. The main difference between these two is that the flex option allows you to choose your seat number before you purchase your ticket, whereas with regular economy, you can only reserve a seat once you’ve purchased your ticket (and then again 48 hours before your flight).

It’s also possible to upgrade from regular economy to flex by paying a fee.

What is the difference between a preferred seat and a regular seat on Emirates?

Emirates offers a variety of seating options to meet your needs. Here’s what you need to know about the difference between preferred seating and regular seating:

Preferred Seating

This option is only available for first-class passengers, and it includes a number of perks, including more room, priority check-in, and complimentary chauffeur service to/from the airport. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy special amenities like a private shower and concierge service.

Regular Seating

Regular seats are available on both Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s. Each plane has just over 300 seats in all three classes—first class (14 seats), business class (96 seats), and economy class (212 seats). All flights feature Wi-Fi access in all cabins as well as onboard entertainment systems with video-on-demand options such as movies that can be streamed on personal devices using an app called Go or via Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system which offers hundreds of hours of programming options including live television news broadcasts from around the world!

Is it worth reserving seats on Emirates airlines?

Yes, it’s worth reserving your seats on Emirates airlines.

Emirates Airline’s website is easy to navigate and has many different options for booking your flights. You can select from a variety of seating options, including aisle or window seats. The prices vary depending on where you are going and when you are traveling, but they are generally quite affordable.

There are also many other benefits to reserving your seat ahead of time. For example, if you book your flight in advance and have a confirmed reservation, then you will be able to check in at the airport without waiting in any lines at all! This allows you plenty of extra time to get through security before boarding begins so that there won’t be any delays later on down the road.

If you’re worried about getting stuck with an awkward seatmate who doesn’t want to talk much or doesn’t share similar interests, then this is an easy way around those kinds of problems too! It’s much easier than having to deal with social anxiety later on down the line when sitting next to someone who isn’t exactly compatible with your or their personality traits or preferences for travel conditions (such as how cold/warm they like things).

When can you select seats on Emirates for free?

You can select seats on Emirates for free if you are traveling in economy class. You must purchase your ticket at least 48 hours before departure, and you can make the selection at any time during the booking process.

If you want to change your seat after you have made your selection, there may be a fee associated with that change.

Can I change my seat after flight booking Emirates Flight?

Yes, you can change your seat after flight booking Emirates Flight. The only thing that you need to do is to contact the airline’s customer service team and they will help you in changing your seat.

However, there are some limitations on changing your seat after booking as per the rules of the airline. For example, if you have booked an economy class ticket then you will not be able to change your seat after booking because economy class tickets do not offer any other option except for one seat.

Does Emirates charge for seat selection?

Emirates does not charge for seat selection. The only time you will be charged for a seat is if you have a pre-selected seat option, such as extra legroom, and then upgrade to business or first class. Otherwise, all other flights are free of charge.

What is a preferred seat on Emirates A380?

The preferred seat on Emirates A380 is seat 13A. This is one of the best seats on the plane because it has an extra foot room, as well as a lot of space to store your personal belongings. In addition, this is a bulkhead seat which means it has extra legroom and it can be used as a bed if you want to rest during your flight.

A preferred seat on an Emirates A380 is a seat that allows you to enjoy extra benefits such as lounge access, priority check-in, fast-track immigration, and baggage delivery.

The preferred seats are located in the front of the aircraft, which means that you will be closer to the entrance of the plane, as well as to the main cabin and galley area.

Most importantly, your luggage can be delivered directly to your seat before take-off, ensuring that you don’t need to wait for it at the baggage carousel at your destination.

What is the seat pitch on Emirates economy?

Economy Class has a 31-inch seat pitch on Airbus aircraft and 34 inches on Boeing aircraft and standard seat width (except on the Boeing 777 fleet). Emirates is one of the few airlines that have ten seats per row on its Boeing 777 fleet.

What are the best seats in the Emirates economy?

The best seats on Emirates economy are those that are close to the aisle and avoid bulkhead seating.

The seat that is closest to the aisle will give you more space for your feet, which is a major benefit if you’re tall or have long legs. This seat will also give you more privacy because there’s a wall between you and your neighbor.

The other advantage of this seat is that it allows you to stow any luggage underneath it, which makes it easier to get in and out of your seat when needed. It also means that there’s less chance of anything falling onto the floor when overhead bins are opened.

Bulkhead seats can be very uncomfortable because they don’t recline as much as other seats do, which means they’re not good for sleeping at all! If someone gets up during flight time then this will disrupt your sleep pattern too because there won’t be enough space for them to get past without disturbing someone else first (if possible).

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Emirates Change Flight Date Policy & Fee: Reschedule Flight Booking

Emirates Change Flight Date: Online you can make changes to your Emirates flight booking by calling reservations team or logging into your account on the Emirates website. You will be able to make changes and amendments to your ticket within 24 hours prior to departure.

Emirates Cancellation Policy & Fee: Cancel your booking

According to Emirates Flight cancellation policy, the cancellation request would be applied per passenger rather than per booking. In addition, Emirates Flight cancellation would be applied in accordance with the mode of booking. For instance, if the ticket has been purchased at the counter, then Emirates Flight cancellation would be initiated at the departure airport only.

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