August 3, 2023

How to Get an American Airlines Refund in 2023

American Airlines Refund Policy: Understanding the Process and Eligibility

You have up to 24 hours from the time you first buy your ticket for a refund if you booked at least 2 days prior to departure. The 24-hour refund policy applies to all ticket types, but you have to cancel the trip to get a refund.* Reservations booked as part of a group block do not qualify for the 24-hour refund.

American Airlines Refund Policy

In order to navigate American Airlines’ refund policy, here are some key points to know before booking.

  • Within 24 hours of booking and at least two days before departure, you will automatically receive a full refund to your original form of payment without needing to take any additional steps.
  • The basic economy fares of American Airlines are never considered refundable unless they are canceled within a 24-hour period after booking.
  • When using the airline’s search engine, you can filter results by “Flexible tickets” to book a refundable ticket.

American Airlines does not refund nonrefundable fares regardless of class unless:

  • Flight schedules have been changed by more than four hours.
  • Passengers and/or traveling companions have passed away.
  • Passengers’ ability to travel is affected by military orders.

Any of the above circumstances may lead to a refund from the airline in the form of a travel credit (we’ll discuss this further).

The refund process generally involves canceling the reservation for the applicable passengers first. Each ticket must be refunded separately in a record locator.

How to get a refund from American Airlines: Step-by-step

Your refund process depends on when you booked your American Airlines trip and when the flight was canceled. The refund is automatic if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket and 48 hours before the flight’s departure. Taxes and service charges for tickets booked through the reservations phone system will not be refunded by the carrier.

You’ll need to follow a few steps after this 24-hour window to get a refund from the airline. In order to avoid high call volumes, you can also submit a refund request online with American Airlines reservations.

1. Wait until your trip is canceled

Typically, American Airlines won’t issue a refund when you voluntarily cancel your trip. In this case, you may decide to cancel your trip due to a lack of comfort while traveling.

The carrier considers a significant involuntary delay or change if the departure time is delayed for more than four hours based on its conditions of carriage. In the event that your flight is officially canceled and you are eligible for a refund, you can begin the refund process.

2. Submit a refund request to American Airlines

You can get a refund for a canceled American Airlines flight by visiting

When you’re ready to rebook, you’ll see a pop-up box that says your ticket value is safe.

You can request a refund by clicking the blue “Refunds” button.

3. Pull up your canceled booking

Upon clicking the “Refunds” button, the pop-up box will close and you will see the information in gray behind it. You’ll need the last name of the passenger associated with the canceled ticket and the ticket number

Enter your ticket number and the passenger’s last name in the “Request a Refund” section.

After that, click “Submit.”Once the carrier has pulled up the canceled reservation, you can view your options and see whether the booking is eligible for a refund.

4. Verify the information of the canceled booking

Make sure the refund request was pulled from the correct booking by reading the reservation information carefully. Please click on the blue “Continue” button if everything looks correct.

5. Check your eligibility for a refund

The next step shows you if a refund is available for your booking. Other options can also be viewed by clicking on the blue “Options” button.

Click on the blue “Continue” link to submit a formal refund request to American Airlines if you are eligible.

6. Enter your contact information

Fill in your basic contact information. You will need to enter your full name, address, email address, and phone number.

To continue, click on the blue “Continue” button after completing each field.

7. Verify and review the refund request

You’ll need to review all the details for the refund request, including your contact info and the booking info. You’ll also be prompted to select a “Reason for Refund” from a dropdown.

Please select the option that best describes your request for a refund. If you need further clarification, there’s a comment box right next to the dropdown.

Click the blue “Submit” button when you’re done.

You’ll have to upload supporting documentation if your refund request requires additional documentation (like a medical condition).

8. Keep your refund request confirmation number

As soon as you finish the final review and upload any necessary supporting documents, you’ll get a confirmation number. Please keep this handy for following up on a refund request or contact American Airlines about it.

If you purchased the booking using a credit card, you can expect a refund within seven business days. If you have not received a refund and would like to check the status of your request, please Check here.

American Airlines Change of Flight Option

As per American Airlines Change Flight Policy, If you wish to change your flight instead of canceling and seeking a refund, American Airlines offers the option to modify your booking. However, fees and fare differences may apply depending on the fare rules and availability.

Contacting American Airlines Customer Support

If you have any questions or need assistance with canceling your American Airlines booking or obtaining a refund, you can contact their customer support directly. Their representatives will provide you with personalized guidance and support based on your specific booking details.

Remember to consult American Airlines’ official website or contact their customer support for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding refunds, cancellations, and associated policies and procedures.

Refunds are processed within 7 days of purchase.

  • Refund Processing; 7 Days
  • Refundable tickets; Refund issued
  • Non Refundable tickets; No refunds

American Airlines Cancellation Policy

American Airlines Cancellation Policy outlines that customers can cancel flights within 24 hours of purchasing their ticket and not be charged a fee for doing so. After 24 hours, a cancellation fee will apply.

Ticket Type Cancellation Policy

  • Basic Economy – Within 24 hours: Full refund and no cancellation fee
  • Refundable – Anytime cancellation; No cancellation fee applies
  • Non-Refundable – Within 24 hours: Full refund and no cancellation fee
  • After 24 hours: Cancellation fee will apply
  • Award Tickets; Full refund issued and no cancellation fee applies

What Do You Need To Get A Refund On American Airlines?

If you want a refund on your American Airlines trip, you’ll need proof of purchase and the flight’s record locator. After buying your tickets, you should have received a code for the record locator.

It lets you look up all the trip info you need. The proof of purchase doesn’t have to be a receipt. You can use a receipt, but bank statements and online invoices are also fine.

You can get a receipt for your trip between one day and 18 months after you book it if you don’t have one. The 18 months start when you book.

Can You Get Refunds On A Canceled Flight?

Yes, you will get a refund on a canceled flight. This refund will be processed automatically if your flight gets canceled for reasons outside of your control. However, refunds for flights you cancel yourself will need to happen after you cancel the flight.

This is an important difference, so to sum it up: If you do not cancel the flight yourself, but have it canceled on you, then it happens automatically. If you do cancel the flight yourself then you have 18 months and two days before your travel in order to cancel it for a refund.

Where Do You Request A Refund?

You can request a refund at American Airlines’ website, or at any airport that serves American Airlines flights. Just remember that if you booked your flight through a travel agent, then you will need to talk to that travel agent about getting a refund.

Can You Get A Refund For Inflight Purchases?

There are actually two kinds of inflight purchases:

  • Purchases of inflight food and beverages
  • Purchases from inflight magazines

There are no refunds for the first kind. In the second case, refunds are possible, but they are handled by a different company. You would need to speak with them about it.

However, American Airlines only offers these kinds of refunds if your flight did not complete normally.

In cases where American Airlines has refunded customers after bad flights, the customer has called and complained wanting a refund after a flight that the airline knew would be bad for almost everyone. In such cases, refunds are issued.

Their logic is easy to understand. If you call and complain about the flight being uncomfortable and the service being poor, then you might just be trying to get a refund for saving money.

American Airlines would not want to appear to support unruly behavior if they heard that there were unruly passengers on the plane. You may get paid by American Airlines to endure uncomfortable conditions on their flights (not always, but sometimes).

When considering the value of an airline’s refund policy, it’s important to remember how it treats refunds after the flight has been completed. Services are provided by airlines, not goods. When you ask for a refund on a flight, it’s like asking for a refund on a haircut: Something has to go wrong.

However, some airlines offer more lenient refund policies. Some highly exclusive luxury airlines will offer partial refunds if you don’t feel you received the experience you paid for.

The American Airlines refund policy is not highly exclusive, but first class tickets are far more likely to be partially refunded than any other form of ticket.

Both of these actions are aimed at keeping customers rather than losing them. That means you shouldn’t call American Airlines and say you’ll never fly with them again or in first class. Let them know that this time was bad, but you’re looking forward to flying with them again in the future.


How long does it take American Airlines to refund me?

It may take several business days or even weeks for American Airlines to process the refund and for it to appear in your account.

When I cancel my American Airlines ticket within 24 hours of purchase, can I receive a refund?

A 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy is offered by American Airlines. A full refund will be issued to the original form of payment if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchase.

If an American Airlines flight was canceled, can I request a refund?

If American Airlines cancels your flight, you may be eligible for a refund. For specific details and options, please contact American Airlines or review their refund policy.

What is the process for requesting a refund from American Airlines?

You may request a refund from American Airlines by visiting their official website or by contacting their customer service department. If you wish to request a refund, please provide your booking details, including your ticket number or confirmation code, as well as the reason for your request.

What are the fees associated with canceling a ticket and requesting a refund from American Airlines?

Depending on the fare rules and type of ticket, American Airlines may impose cancellation fees. For details regarding any applicable fees, you should review the specific terms and conditions or contact American Airlines.

How can I receive a refund if I purchased travel insurance through American Airlines?

Travel insurance purchased through American Airlines is typically subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider. In order to obtain information on refunds, it is recommended that you contact the insurance provider directly.

If I have paid for seat upgrades or additional services, will I be able to receive a refund?

In the case of seat upgrades or additional services, refunds may vary. For more information, you should check the specific terms and conditions of the upgrade or service purchase or contact American Airlines.

Can I change my flight instead of cancelling and requesting a refund?

American Airlines offers the option to change your flight rather than cancel it. However, fees and fare differences may apply depending on the fare rules.

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