October 3, 2023

How to Select or Change Seat on JetBlue: JetBlue Seat Selection Policy, Fee, and Process

JetBlue Seat Selection Policy

How to choose your preferred seat on JetBlue Airlines?

Have you already purchased a JetBlue Airways ticket but are worried about your seat? Please don’t worry about it. By employing the best JetBlue seat-choosing methods, you should stay clear of any problems. You can get the seats you want using these approaches.

JetBlue knows the significance of booking your preferred seats before leaving for your destination. JetBlue Airways offer the easiest ways to reserve your favorite seat on an airline.

In August 1998, JetBlue Airways, now the most popular low-cost airline in the country, was founded. JetBlue’s main objective is to offer its passengers the most affordably priced and sumptuous in-flight amenities, which are immensely vital to the corporation. The airline does, nonetheless, work hard to offer the best goods and services on the market.

Take a look at the following data, as they offer the information that you need to keep in mind if you are one of the passengers curious to learn more about the seat selection procedure used by JetBlue Airways.

How can I select a seat on a flight with JetBlue Airways?

Have you already bought JetBlue Airways tickets but should have selected your seats? Okay, no issue! You must carefully follow the procedures listed below when choosing your seat on a JetBlue flight:

  • The official website can be used to choose a seat.
  • You must first access the JetBlue Airways main page on the company’s official website.
  • Make sure you are signed into your JetBlue account, and that’s the second thing to do.
  • Then it would be advantageous if you clicked on the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • The information on your ticket must then be entered to find your reservation.
  • You should click the “Edit” icon when you finally find your reservation.
  • At this point, you can choose your chosen seat and save your reservation.
  • Lastly, you must pay for the customization to guarantee your seat choice.
  • Choosing Your Seat Using Your Phone Number.

Call the relevant JetBlue Airlines customer service number, 1-800-JET-BLUE (1-800-538-2583) or +1-860-590-8822, to start choosing a seat on a flight.

Second, when you are on the phone, pay close attention to how the automated IVR selections are read to you.

  • After that, to contact a member of its customer service, you must choose the relevant button.
  • You will now need to give the agent the details on your ticket.
  • You must also select the seat of your choice.
  • Choose your payment method and pay for your seat choice in the final stage.

You will therefore have no issue reserving your favorite seat on JetBlue Airways with the help of these two procedures. There will be no difficulties you can conquer using these operational approaches.

What precisely is JetBlue Seat Selection Fee?

JetBlue Airways charges a fee for seat selection, so you should be aware of this if you want to reserve your preferred seat.

JetBlue Airways charges an extra seat selection price ranging from $5 to $25 for each direction. You can get a detailed look at the costs involved in choosing your seat on JetBlue Airways by reading the following details:

In addition to discussing your flight itinerary and travel class with them, you should get in touch with the company’s customer service to learn the exact cost of the seat selection.

Hoarding, among other benefits, clearly justifies the Blue Extra upgrade’s higher price.

JetBlue Airways Offers Various Seating Options

After booking a flight with JetBlue Airways, you should familiarize yourself with the various seat classifications that JetBlue offers. With each new seat type, you will experience a rise in the standard of your flying. The five different types of seats that you should be familiar with are listed below:

Basic Blue Chairs

The Blue Basic Seats on JetBlue Airways are the ones with the lowest prices. The JetBlue Airways seat is the one that provides the best value for your money.

Blue JetBlue Chairs

When you buy a JetBlue Blue Seat, you can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item.

Seats in Blue Plus

You can bring one bag that has to be checked and won’t be charged a change fee if you book one of these tickets on JetBlue Airways.

Blue Extra Seats

If you are traveling with JetBlue Airways in economy class, you will be promoted to the Blue Extra Seats, the airline’s most luxurious seats. One carry-on and one personal item are permitted at this location.

Clean Seating

These are the most plentiful seats that JetBlue Airways offers its customers. You are permitted to check two bags, one carry-on bag, and one bag for personal items.

Please be aware that even though your seat will be chosen if you travel with JetBlue, it is not guaranteed. That phrase should not be used. Your seat reservation is always honored when you fly with JetBlue Airways. Contacting JetBlue Airways’ customer support division anytime, day or night will help you learn more.

JetBlue Airways Seat Selection Guidelines

Do you have any more queries about the rules controlling seat allocation on JetBlue Airways flights? If this is what you are interested in, take a look at the information below:

You can choose your seat by the company’s policy by visiting the website directly or contacting customer care.

You will have the chance to choose your seat after the JetBlue Airways reservation is complete.

JetBlue Airways may charge different costs for selecting a seat depending on the flight route and cabin class.

How can I book a second seat on a JetBlue flight?

JetBlue Airlines added extra space to maintain a sense of social distance.

The tourism sector has been one of the most badly impacted as the coronavirus outbreak spreads around the globe. Many of us are frightened of flying, but we occasionally have to do it. This is particularly true as the holiday season approaches.

JetBlue Airlines has put measures like blocking the middle seat to create a social barrier between people to ensure that passengers enjoy their time on board. If you are returning to the skies but are still anxious about flying, the following summarizes JetBlue airline policy on extra seats and how to finish a JetBlue booking.

Reservation requests for additional seating

On a JetBlue flight, every passenger has the opportunity to buy an extra seat, and they can even do it online. Travelers who prefer to have more space between themselves and other passengers may think about purchasing an extra seat because the airline’s flights are typically up to 85% filled.

Whether you wish to keep a greater physical distance from the other passengers or you’re traveling a major musical instrument, you may book an extra seat next to you (or even block out entire rows) with only a few extra clicks. As you proceed through the checkout process, please remember to fill out the traveler information. Continue by buying tickets and choosing seats using the seating map as usual. Let’s now get into the details of the procedure.

How can I make more JetBlue reservations?

Make sure to consider the number of empty seats and the number of passengers while searching for a trip. (Select 2 Adults if you’re traveling alone and want the seat next to you blocked. Choose 2 Adults and 1 Child if you are going with a child.) Choose your flights from the search results. The same pricing choice as the other tickets must be used to purchase even the extra seats.

Fill out the information for Traveler 1 and any additional passengers traveling by continuing to the page for traveler details. When you select that option, you will see a drop-down menu where you can select the passenger who will take the vacant seat next to you and a checkbox to indicate whether the seat is for a musical instrument.

Continue choosing your seats from the seat map for each aircraft on your itinerary, including the extra seats, as you would normally. If your schedule includes more than one flight, tick the box next to “This is an empty seat.”

To create a more substantial barrier, you can choose additional chairs to place next to, in front of, or behind you. It’s probable that some seats already limit variations in seat-to-seat spacing.

Please be aware that you might need to start the booking process anew and choose a new trip if there are no nearby seats available for the additional seat(s) on the seat map. This is something you should always bear in mind.

Recall that until December 1, 2020, the great majority of middle seats on larger aircraft and the vast majority of aisle seats on smaller aircraft are restricted. For more help, please get in touch with JetBlue customer service.

Increase the number of seating alternatives available with the assistance of the customer service division.

Making your decision for the extra seat with the help of the customer service team will be more convenient for you.

Via phone

Use the airline’s toll-free hotline at 1-800-JETBLUE or (802) 636-9417 to get in touch with them (538-2583).

Choose the IVR command that will connect you with a representative to proceed.

When you phone them again after that, a customer care team member will answer.

Then you can talk to them and have a conversation with the agent to resolve your question.

Via live chat

To ask for an additional seat from the agent, you can also send an email to the customer care team.

To visit the airline’s official website, you must use your preferred web browser.

It would help if you chose the “Contact Us” option from the menu in the following step. The email address for the airline is provided in that area.

You will notice a message box where you may type in your query, your contact information, and a note if you need an extra seat for the trip.

A customer care agent will then arrive to help you with your query once time has elapsed.

There are numerous alternative ways to contact the customer service department, which are included in the “Contact Us” section of the airline’s main website.

By now, you should be familiar with JetBlue Book Extra Seat and know how to contact the airline if you run into any issues. Please find out how much it will cost to reserve an extra seat so that you know the associated charges.

JetBlue Blue Additional Rules

There are certain guidelines regarding baggage, cancellation, and other issues for each type of fare that an airline offers. For more information on the rules for JetBlue Blue Extra, please continue reading.

One carry-on bag may be brought on board the aircraft by customers flying with Blue Extra at no additional cost.

You may also bring one personal item into the aircraft with you, such as a purse, laptop computer, umbrella, or any other item of such nature.

No checked bags are included in the price of the Blue Extra ticket (except on flights to and from London).

The holder of a Blue Extra ticket has the option to stand by on the same day, modify their reservation on the same day, and choose their seats in advance.

The airline won’t charge you any costs to change or cancel your reservation if you buy a ticket in the Blue Extra fare category.

Customers who buy Blue Extra have the chance to accumulate at least 3 TrueBlue points for every dollar spent.

Is JetBlue Blue Extra Worth the Price?

Purchasing the Blue Extra fare option will be the most advantageous for customers who only want to bring a small amount of luggage. The strongest case in favor of Blue Extra is that buyers won’t have to pay an additional cost for same-day adjustments or same-day standby. The Blue, Blue Plus, or Basic Blue membership categories do not offer these benefits. Including Even More Speed and Early Boarding.


When can I select my seat on JetBlue?

24 hours before the scheduled departure, passengers flying inside the JetBlue Blue Basic Class are entitled to choose their seats. You may also bring a carry-on. However, passengers who have paid for this fare class seat will board the airplane last..

Why can’t I select seats on JetBlue?

The new class of Jetblue service does not allow you to select seats in advance if you don’t pay for them. Suppose you are flying in Blue Basic cabins of JetBlue airways; you can select a seat 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

How does seating work on JetBlue?

Are JetBlue flights assigned seating? Yes, JetBlue Airways uses assigned seating for their flights. Seats can be chosen when you book your tickets or any time up until you check in for your flight. JetBlue agents at the airport can assist with seating changes or assignments on the day of your flight.

Does JetBlue charge for seat selection?

How much does it cost to pick a seat on JetBlue? Seat selection costs $5 to $25 each way for passengers traveling on a Blue Basic ticket that would like to select their seats more than 24 hours before the flight.

Does JetBlue Blue Basic include seat selection?

Advanced seat selection is an added fee for Blue Basic fares, whereas it’s included for Blue fares. Blue Basic tickets board last. Blue Basic tickets earn 1 base TrueBlue point per dollar spent, as well as 1 TrueBlue point as part of its online booking bonus.

Will JetBlue seat us together?

If seats together are not available, please let our airport gate crewmembers know when you arrive at the airport. They will do their best to find a seating solution. We cannot guarantee that seats together will always be available.

What is the difference between blue Basic and basic economy?

Blue: Checked Bags. Neither Blue Basic nor Blue include a free checked bag on domestic or short-haul flights. However, the big difference between the two economy fares is that Blue gets a free checked bag for flights to and from London.

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