October 3, 2023

Qatar Airways Seat Selection: How to Select or Change Seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is known for its excellent service and for having some of the best business class seats in the industry. This can be seen in its online Qatar Airways Seat Selection tool, which allows you to choose your seat before booking your flight. Check out how it works below:

Qatar Airways has several classes of service, including business class, premium economy, and economy. It also offers first class on some flights, but that is not available to most passengers.

Business class: Seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration with direct aisle access and ample legroom. Each seat also comes with a personal LCD screen and a laptop power port. There is also an amenity kit and noise-canceling headphones provided by the airline.

Premium economy: Premium economy seats are arranged in a 2-4-2 configuration with extra legroom compared to standard economy seats. Each passenger gets their own seat plus an additional footrest area in front of them for extra comfort during long flights. There is also an amenity kit and noise-canceling headphones provided by the airline.

Standard economy: Standard economy seats are arranged in a 3-3 configuration with limited legroom compared to other classes of service on Qatar Airways flights.”

How to choose seats on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways offers a range of seat options to suit every type of traveller.

Qatar Airways has three main classes, Economy, Business, and First Class. There are also two premium economy cabins: Premium Stand-By (PSB) and Premium Flat Beds (PFB).

To select your seats on Qatar Airways, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account or register if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Click ‘Manage Bookings’ and then ‘Change Seats’ under the desired booking reference number.
  3. Select the seat type from Economy Class (EC), Business Class (BC) or First Class (FC). You can also add additional seats by clicking ‘Add More Seats’ on the right-hand side of the page
  4. Check availability for each flight by selecting the departure airport and date for which you would like to book an extra seat(s).
  5. Once you have found the available dates, click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the page to proceed with booking your extra seat(s).

Qatar Airways Phone Number

Toll-Free Number: USA Canada(888) 635-5228
Canada(888) 635-5228
Australia+6 128 320 1015
Hearing impaired(877) 578-2757

When can I select my seats on Qatar Airways?

You can select your seats on Qatar Airways up to 24 hours before your flight departs. You can select your seat from the following options:

Free Seats: Free seats are available on all flights and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. These seats do not have any additional benefits.

Standard Seats: Standard seats come with complimentary meals, bottles of water, and wait for service (except for Economy Light) for all customers travelling in Economy Class.

How can I choose my seat on Qatar airways online?

When you book your flight with Qatar Airways, you can select your seat online.

  1. You can choose a seat before booking your flight or at the time of booking. If you choose to do it before booking, you will be asked to enter details such as your name and travel dates. You can then click on ‘choose my seat’ button to view available seats for your flight.
  2. When you click on the ‘choose my seat’ button, you will be taken to an electronic check-in page where you will see all the available seats on that particular flight.

Can You Pre-Book Seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is the national carrier of Qatar, and it’s one of the largest airlines in the world. It serves over 150 destinations in more than 60 countries and offers service to more than 270 destinations.

The airline has a very good reputation for customer service, and its aircraft are among the newest in the sky.

Qatar Airways allows you to pre-book seats on most flights, but some routes are not eligible for this service. You can make changes to your booking up until 24 hours before departure, but if you need to change your seat assignment, you’ll need to pay an additional fee.

If you want meal options for your flight, check out Qatar’s inflight menu before booking your flight so that you know what items are available when booking online or over the phone with an agent

How Wide Are the Seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways offers a fairly standard seat width of 18 inches. The seats are relatively spacious, but if you’re over 6 feet tall and have an above-average build, you may find them too tight.

If you’re looking for a wider seat on Qatar Airways flights, consider flying in premium economy class. Premium economy seats have a width of 18 inches and recline up to 180 degrees.

The first class cabin has seats with a seat width of 19 inches and reclines up to 120 degrees.

Which Seat Is Best in Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is a great airline that offers many different types of seating on its planes. Here we will discuss which seat is best on Qatar Airways.

The first seat to consider is the First Class seat, which is located up front on the plane. This seat has a lot of space and privacy, but it is also very expensive. The next option would be the Business Class seats located in the middle section of the plane; these seats have more legroom than the Economy Seats but are not as spacious as the First Class Seats. The Economy seats are located towards the back of the plane, and they have much less legroom than both Business and First Class Seats. These seats are also cheaper than Business or First Class Seats but more expensive than Economy Seats.

Overall, if you want more privacy and comfort while flying with Qatar Airways then I would recommend booking a First Class Seat or Business Class Seat; however, if you want to save money while still having some space then it may be better for you to book an Economy Seat instead!

Do you have to pay for seats on Qatar Airways?

You don’t have to pay for seats on Qatar Airways. You can choose your seat at the time of booking, or during check-in by paying a fee (this is known as an “online check-in”). If you decide to change your seat after booking, it will cost you a fee (known as a “manual check-in” or “seat selection fee”). Seats are free in Business Class and First Class.

In Economy Class, the seats are grouped into three categories: Preferred Seat, Extra Legroom and Standard Seat. These categories are determined by the cabin class you choose during booking:

Preferred Seat – Preferred Seats give you more room than standard seats due to their location.

Extra Legroom – Extra Legroom seats have more legroom than standard seats, but offer less personal space because they are located near the galleys.

Standard Seat – Standard Seats have less legroom than Extra Legroom seats but offer more personal space due to their location away from galleys.

How much does it cost to reserve a seat on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways offers a variety of seat types and charges for them differently. The type of seat you choose will depend on your travel needs.

There are four main types of Economy Class seats: Standard, Flexi, Premium, and Super Premium. The prices for these seats can vary depending on the length of your journey, with longer flights costing more.

Standard Economy Class is the cheapest option and most popular among travellers. It includes a seat with legroom, recline and extra storage space. You can also use the in-flight entertainment system at no extra cost. However, there are no meal options available on this seat type.

Flexi Economy Class includes all the benefits of Standard Economy Class but allows you to change or upgrade your seat at any time during your flight at no extra cost. This option is ideal if you’re travelling with someone who requires more room than you do or if you’re travelling with more luggage than usual — as long as it fits in overhead storage!

Premium Economy Class provides an enhanced experience with extra legroom and recline. This option is ideal for passengers who want extra comfort without paying for an upgrade to Business Class (available on certain aircraft).

Can I choose my seat in Qatar Airways Economy Class?

Yes, you can choose your seat on Qatar Airways. You can choose your seat online or at the airport.

When booking online, there are three options that you can select from Preferred Seat, Standard Seat, and Economy Comfort.

Preferred Seats

Preferred Seats are available for purchase at the cost of QR100 for each sector. These seats are located in the front of the aircraft and have more legroom than standard seats. In addition to this extra legroom, Preferred Seats also include an additional storage compartment with space for two small bags and an amenity kit.

Standard Seats

Standard seats do not come with any extra benefits other than extra legroom compared to economy class seats. However, they still offer plenty of space to stretch out and relax on your flight!

Economy Comfort

If you want even more comfort while flying in economy class then Economy Comfort is the option for you! The ticket upgrade costs QR300 per sector but it is well worth it as it includes all of the benefits of preferred seats (extra legroom and storage compartment) as well as priority boarding and complimentary meal and drinks on board!

What is Qatar Airways Standard seat selection?

Qatar Airways standard seat selection is a service that allows you to choose your preferred seat when you book your flight.

Standard seat selection is not available for all flights, as some flights may not have an allocated seat at the time of booking. If this option is available, you will see it on your booking summary page and be able to select the number of seats in your party, as well as the type of seat you want.

You can choose from two types of seating:

Qatar Airways Standard Seat Selection – This allows you to select any number of seats in one class. If no standard seats are available on your flight, this option will be greyed out and cannot be selected.

Qatar Airways Premium Economy Seat Selection – This allows you to select any number of premium economy seats only (if available). You can choose from three seating positions within each row and there are no extra fees for choosing these seats.

How Much Are Extra Legroom Seats on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways offers a variety of options for extra legroom seating on their flights.

If you’re flying economy, there are two types of extra legroom seats that Qatar offers: “Economy Comfort” and “Economy Plus”.

The Economy Comfort seat is a bit smaller than the standard economy seat but comes with an additional 2 inches of legroom, plus an assigned seat number. You also get priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling; access to the Qatar Executive Lounge; and complimentary meals and drinks on the flight.

The Economy Plus seat has the same benefits as Economy Comfort, but comes with an additional 4 inches of legroom (so 4 more inches than standard economy).

The amount of legroom on Qatar Airlines flights is determined by the class you book. Economy Class seats have the least amount of legroom, while Business Class seats have the most.

Qatar also provides an Extra Legroom option in all classes, which offers extra space between your seat and the one in front of you. This can be purchased as part of your flight when booking online or at a kiosk at the airport prior to your flight.

The price for this service varies depending on how much room you want to reserve (between 30 and 45 inches).

What Is Preferred Seating Qatar Airways?

Preferred Seating Qatar Airways is a premium service for passengers who wish to enjoy more comfort and convenience during their flight. The service provides passengers with an enhanced travel experience through their preferred seat, fast-track immigration and baggage collection, priority boarding and much more.

Preferred Seating Qatar Airways allows you to select your seat in advance before you book your ticket. You can choose between three categories of seats:

Standard Seat: Standard seats are located near the middle of the aircraft cabin, providing you with excellent views. This class is ideal for those who want to be seated in rows 19-26 on Airbus A350 aircraft and rows 16-22 on Boeing B787 aircraft.

Premium Economy Seat: Premium economy seats offer more legroom than standard seats but less than business class seats. They are located in the front of the economy cabin where you will have good views from rows 15-21 on Airbus A350 aircraft and rows 12-17 on Boeing B787 aircraft.

Business Class Seat: Business class seats offer extra legroom compared to other seats in economy class cabins. They are spacious, and comfortable and offer a wide range of amenities including personal entertainment screens with noise cancelling headphones as well as access to Qsuite lounges at Doha International

If there’s no one in your party who wants a particular seat, or if someone is willing to sit in a different seat for some reason, then you’ll be able to pay for preferred seating. This will give you access to several benefits:

  • You’ll be able to get on and off the plane earlier than other passengers.
  • You’ll be able to store items under your seat (like a purse or backpack).
  • You’ll be able to use the fast-track security lane at the airport.

Who is eligible to select Qatar Airways Preferred Seat with extra legroom in Economy Cabin free of charge?

Eligible passengers are those who have booked Qatar Airways Preferred Seat with extra legroom in Economy Cabin free of charge.

Qatar Airways Preferred Seat with extra legroom in Economy Cabin is a complimentary service that allows customers to choose their preferred seat with extra legroom for travel on Qatar Airways-operated flights.

Passengers can check in online, or at the airport. If you have checked in online, you can go directly to the check-in counter and collect your boarding pass. However, if you have not checked in online, you will need to do so when you arrive at the airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, please proceed to a dedicated Qatar Airways check-in counter where our customer service staff will assist you in checking in for your flight.

What is the difference between Qatar Airways extra legroom seats and comfort seats?

Qatar Airways has two types of seating: extra legroom seats and comfort seats.

Extra legroom seats are located in the front of the plane and offer more leg room than standard economy seats. They also come with a wider armrest, which makes it easier for you to stretch out your legs.

Comfort seats, on the other hand, have less leg room but offer a number of amenities including extra perks like priority check-in, boarding, baggage handling, and more. The seat itself is wider and more adjustable than an extra legroom seat.

Extra legroom seats offer up to 4 inches more legroom than standard economy seats

Extra legroom seats are located at the front of the cabin and can be booked online or via the app, up to 24 hours before departure.

Comfort seats are located in rows 3-15 and offer up to 2 inches more legroom than standard economy seats. Comfort seats can be booked once your booking has been confirmed by Qatar Airways.

Can I change my seat and meal preferences at a later stage?

Yes. To change your seat and meal preferences with Qatar Airways, go to the official website and select “Manage Booking”; enter your booking reference or Privilege Club number and last name; and then click “Modify seat selection” or “Meal preference” to modify your seat or meal preference.

You can check in online and select your preferred seat. Online check-in is available from 72 hours to 90 minutes before departure. To find out more about seat widths and pitch – as well as what services are available on the aircraft – click here and navigate to the aircraft’s seat map.

What is Preferred Seat Selection and do I have to purchase my seat on Qatar Airways flights?

In general, Qatar Airways permits seat selection free of charge in its most expensive fares. Seats may be selected by customers who have booked an economy-class ticket or higher, including first class and business class tickets.

However, if you are traveling in economy class, there will be an additional charge to select a specific seat. You can wait until online check-in opens 48 hours before departure to select your seat without paying extra for it; however, seats near the front of the cabin may not be available at this time.

Alternatively, you may wait until you arrive at the airport to pick up your seat from those that remain unclaimed. Otherwise, we will assign your seat for you before departure.

To ensure that our passengers with special needs have a comfortable experience, we will do our best to accommodate special seating requests at no additional cost.

Qatar Airways Preferred Seats Selection Faqs

I am trying to check in online but am unable to see the option to pay for Qatar Airways Preferred Seat. Why?

You are unable to see the option to pay for Qatar Airways Preferred Seat because you have already checked in online and have already selected your seats.

If you wish to change your seat, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to Manage Bookings and select ‘Change My Booking’
  • Select ‘Manage Reservation’ and then ‘Manage My Reservation’
  • Select ‘Select a Different Seat’.

Are Qatar Airways Preferred Seat selection charges refundable?

Qatar Airways Preferred Seat selection charges are non-refundable, except in the following circumstances:

you cancel your booking and your ticket is cancelled less than 24 hours before departure

you do not fly as required by your booking (for example, if you do not travel on the booked flight or at the booked time)

You can also cancel your preferred seat selection charge if you change to a different class of service with more than 24 hours’ notice. However, this will only be possible if there is an empty seat in the preferred seat you have chosen.

All passengers are eligible to select a Qatar Airways Preferred Seat with extra legroom in Economy Cabin free of charge, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Hold a valid ticket for travel on Qatar Airways-operated flights departing from or arriving at any airport within the United States of America and booked with Qatar Airways
  • Provide a copy of your government-issued identification (eg. passport) at least 24 hours prior to departure

How much do I have to pay for Qatar Airways Preferred Seat selection?

Qatar Airways Preferred Seat selection is an optional service that allows you to choose your preferred seat on a flight.

This can be done when booking your flights or up until 24 hours before departure.

If you choose to pay for Qatar Airways Preferred Seat selection, the price varies depending on the type of seat and flight you are booking. For example, if you book a seat with extra legroom, the fee is USD$50 per person per flight segment. If you book a seat in the front section of economy class, the fee is USD$30 per person per flight segment.

What is the difference between Qatar Airways extra legroom seats and comfort seats?

The difference between Qatar Airways extra legroom seats and comfort seats is the space provided.

Extra legroom seats are available in all classes of travel and provide an additional 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) of legroom. This is ideal for passengers who want to stretch out while they are flying, or those who need a little extra room for their knees, legs, or feet. The seats also offer more privacy than regular economy class seats.

Comfort seats are available in economy class only and offer an additional 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) of legroom over standard economy class seats but do not provide as much privacy as extra legroom seats.

Where can I select my Qatar Airways Preferred Seat, Comfort or/and extra legroom seat?

You can choose your preferred seat on the Qatar Airways website. To do so, you’ll need to log in to your account and select the “Manage My Booking” option. From there, you should select “Manage My Preferred Seats.” You can also access this page by clicking on the “Manage Your Preferred Seats” link from the flight booking confirmation email you receive after booking your flight online.

Once you enter your preferred seat selection page, you will be able to choose a seat for each person traveling with you. If you have already booked your flight but wish to change your preferred seats at this time, simply log into your account and select “Manage My Booking” from the “My Profile” drop-down menu at top left. From there, select “Manage My Preferred Seats” and follow the prompts as needed.

If you are an Elite Member, you can select your preferred seat on your Qatar Airways flight. The Elite Membership tiers are:

  • Silver (QR1) – minimum of 75% of flights flown in Qatar Airways Economy Class and/or that the total number of miles flown in Economy Class exceeds 4,000 miles
  • Gold (QR2) – minimum of 80% of flights flown in Qatar Airways Economy Class and/or that the total number of miles flown in Economy Class exceeds 5,000 miles
  • Platinum (QR3) – minimum of 85% of flights flown in Qatar Airways Economy Class and/or that the total number of miles flown in Economy Class exceeds 6,000 miles

Where can I see seat maps for flights?

If you have booked your ticket(s) on qatarairways.com, you can select your seat from the booking confirmation page upon completion of your booking. You can also manage your seat preference through ‘Manage Booking’ on qatarairways.com

For a large number of flights there is now a direct link to the correct SeatGuru seat map. A seat map link is available when a “seat” icon is displayed next to the aircraft type. Please note that this feature is currently only available for aircraft types where we can determine the exact seat map used for a flight (for example, not when multiple layouts are available for the same aircraft type and route).

We will continue to improve compatibility with seat map links and hopefully in the future we will also provide real-time seat availability maps for flights that show which seats are available at the time of planning a trip.

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Dear Sir/Madam,
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Dear Mr. Bryan,

This is in reference to your email regarding the preferred seats,

We understand your expectations of having a smooth and comfortable flight and appreciate your disappointment when you found out that your pre-booked seat was changed.

At the outset, please allow us to clarify that Advance Seat Reservation (ASR) is applicable on all Qatar Airways flight sectors. However, ASR is not a guarantee. Qatar Airways reserves the right to change or re-assign the seats at any time, even after boarding of the

aircraft if there is any need to do so due to operational, safety or security reasons. However, we note that the seats you were provided were chargeable thus we regret to advise that we are unable to accommodate your request on this occasion.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We are grateful for your patronage and look forward to serving you onboard soon.

Yours Sincerely,

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