February 20, 2024

JetBlue Fee for Flight Change, Cancellation, and More: All you need to Know

JetBlue Change fee

With time Airlines keep on changing their fee structure depending upon the changing preferences of users. The reasons can vary and the passengers traveling from any of the airlines should double-check these fees before making a booking.

If you have already booked your flight with JetBlue and are trying to change any of the credentials, then you should have complete knowledge of the JetBlue flight change policy.

JetBlue Flight Changing or Cancellation fee

Fare Class
Changes / Cancellations, per person
Blue Basic
Permitted with fee:  
$100 (North America, Central America, Caribbean)
$200 (other routes)
BlueDifference in airfare
Blue PlusDifference in airfare
Blue ExtraDifference in airfare
Blue RefundableDifference in airfare
Blue Plus RefundableDifference in airfare
Blue Extra RefundableDifference in airfare
MintDifference in airfare
Mint RefundableDifference in airfare

There are no change or cancellation fees on most JetBlue fares, except Blue Basic.

The cost of changing JetBlue flights depends upon many factors, like flight change time, date, and fare type. JetBlue also charges $75 from the traveler for making amendments and canceling it 60 days before the set departure. Apart from this fee is $75 for the traveler possessing the fare ticket for $100; for a fare above $150, the fee can be $150. On the other hand, JetBlue Mosaic Elite Members can cancel or change their flight credentials free of cost.

JetBlue Change Flight Policy

JetBlue Airlines provides excellent and best services to their customers when required. Also, JetBlue Airlines permits passengers to change the details for their upcoming flights. In case you are looking to change the flight ticket, then you have to have a look at the below pointers:

  • Make sure that you change your flight ticket within a day of booking.
  • The passenger can select a later or early flight for the same day. 
  • The same-day change of flight feature will not apply to the cities or places having a direct flight for any day.
  • Here you can confirm the changes you want to make for the same day 24 hours before the scheduled flight.

The travelers are not required to pay flight change fees to the airlines if any changes are made on the same day for the flight bookings.

  • JetBlue All fare options – Blue Basic, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, and Mint – would be subject to the JetBlue Flight Change Policy.
  • With the exception of Blue Basic, JetBlue’s change policy would apply to TrueBlue redemption bookings.
  • For changing a ticket booking on JetBlue change a flight phone number, there is a non-refundable service cost of $25.
  • If the flight was purchased seven days or more before the intended departure, a JetBlue ticket adjustment could be requested within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Within 24 hours after purchase, no JetBlue change fee would be assessed. Only a little distinction is relevant.
  • Bookings that have already been modified are not eligible for a refund, regardless of whether they were made within 24 hours of the original booking date.
  • Passengers can take advantage of JetBlue’s ‘change JetBlue flight same day’ policy if the flight change request is made up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure and on the same calendar day.
  • If a JetBlue non-refundable fare booking is not altered prior to the scheduled departure, all money associated with the booking will be forfeited, according to JetBlue Change flight Policy.
  • If your flight is not changed before the scheduled departure, you will get a future travel credit that you can spend on a new JetBlue reservation.
  • When requesting a JetBlue change flight reservation, the change cost will be applied.
  • Without incurring a JetBlue date change fee, changes to JetBlue government/military prices are permitted, subject to availability and any applicable airfare difference.

JetBlue Flight Change on the Same Day:

To change a JetBlue flight for the same day, the traveler has to visit the airline kiosk much before the scheduled departure of their flight. Over the counter, they can connect with the executives present in the airlines and get the changes done.

  • Travelers can select a flight early or later on the same day.
  • They can also choose to travel between the scheduled airports or the same pair of cities.
  • For cities with a single flight in a day, same-day change of flight options is never provided.
  • Travelers can also confirm their same-day change starting 24 hours before the scheduled flight at the airport itself.
  • The fee paid is waived for the change made on the same day.

Why Can’t I Change My Flight JetBlue?

However, only passengers who are eligible are able to change their flights on Jetblue. If your flight isn’t eligible for change it is not possible to change your scheduled flight. There are many JetBlue rates that are eligible to be changed on a flight, with the exception of those that are eligible for Blue Basic.

Additionally, you cannot just cancel the flight without for if you bought a Blue Basic Fare with the exception of certain situations. Therefore, you might have to cancel your flight before making a new reservation.

Plus the Blue or Blue Plus fares allow you to change your flight. You will be required to pay an additional fee to cancel the flight. The following are the fees to pay for the change of flight:

  • 75 USD per person when the price is less than 100 USD
  • 100 USD for flights between 100 USD to 149.99 USD
  • 150 USD for fares between 100 USD to 199.99 USD
  • 200 USD for flights above 200 USD or more.

But, it’s important to know that the fee is per person and is imposed on passengers who have Blue as well as Blue Plus fares. Anyone who has Blue Extra and above fares can alter their flight for no cost, provided they adhere to the rules.

JetBlue Cancellation Fee

There are no change or cancellation fees on most of our fares, except Blue Basic. Blue Basic fares are subject to a change/cancel fee of $100 for travel within North America, Central America, or the Caribbean, or $200 for all other routes. Fare difference and fare rules on the date of change apply. 

JetBlue Cancellation Policy:

As per JetBlue Flight Cancellation policy, Mint, Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue extra fares can be canceled without paying any cancellation fees if the passenger cancels their flights or booking before the scheduled departure.

JetBlue Airlines allows travelers to switch the same day for just $ 75 for every passenger. But if you are a Mosaic member or have purchased the ticket under Blue Extra fare, you do not need to pay these fees either.

Blue Basic fares are said to be charged with cancellation fees for:

  • If the passenger travels with Central America, North America, and the Caribbean with $100.
  • People traveling to all other routes will be charged $200.

If you confirm on the phone, then a non-refundable fee of $25 will be charged to every traveler. The $25 will be in addition to the cancellation charges applicable. If you want to avoid paying these fees, try canceling via chat or visiting the online website for JetBlue.

If you tend to cancel any non-refundable ticket, the fare value will be held in your account as JetBlue travel credit. These credits can be used for future travel within a year. The passenger can visit their account to check details.

You could contact them directly if you booked your JetBlue ticket via a third party.

  • JetBlue 24-Hour Cancellation – if purchased a flight ticket that originated to and from the USA, passengers may cancel within 24 hours and the JetBlue cancellation fee waiver would be applicable – as long as the flight reservation is made one week or more prior to the scheduled flight departure. 
  • JetBlue Basic Cancellation – Blue Basic fare is non-refundable and is subject to a 200 USD cancellation fee per person wholly within the US, Mexico, Caribbean, or Central America. 
  • JetBlue Cancellation Over the Phone – A non-refundable 25 USD fee in addition to the JetBlue cancellation fee would be assessed if requested a cancellation over the phone
  • Cancel JetBlue Credit Card – On all non-refundable fares that made a flight reservation through JetBlue Credit Card, a refund would be issued in the form of future travel credit.
  • JetBlue Travel Bank Refund – All JetBlue cancellations requests applied on the non-refundable ticket would be issued a travel credit as a refund, and the said credit would be deposited in the JetBlue Travel Bank account. As per JetBlue Airways’ cancellation policy, there is no validity period on the travel credit deposited into the passenger’s JetBlue travel bank account, and can be redeemed anytime to purchase a new flight. 
  • JetBlue Mosaic Cancellation – Mosaic reward members are subject to a JetBlue award cancellation fee when cancelling a non-refundable fare, and the refund would be issued in the form of future travel credit. In case of same-day cancellation, the JetBlue flight cancellation fee would be waived for Mosaic on all fares, as per the JetBlue flight cancellation policy. Ant travel essentials purchased would be refunded if cancelled before the scheduled departure.
  • JetBlue Refundable Fares – As per JetBlue cancellation policy, a full refund would be permitted if cancelled prior to the scheduled departure and is subject to the JetBlue flight cancellation fee. Flights not cancelled prior to the scheduled departure are not eligible for refund, and the booking value would be converted into travel credit and is to be available for future use. 
  • JetBlue Non-Refundable Fares – For any JetBlue cancellation made for a restricted fare made prior to the scheduled departure, the claim refund would be issued in the form of travel credit and is subject to the JetBlue cancellation fee. The travel credit can be applied towards future travel on the flight operated by JetBlue only.
  • JetBlue Free Cancellation – For all Government or Military fares, JetBlue ticket cancellation for a full refund is permitted on the unused portion of the ticket on all fare types. JetBlue cancellation fee may apply. 
  • JetBlue Flight Cancellation Policy in Case of a No-Show – In case of a JetBlue non-refundable fare that is not cancelled prior to the scheduled departure, the entire booking value would be forfeited, and no refund can be claimed under any circumstances. 
  • JetBlue Cancellation Due to Weather – Weather may cause delay or at times disrupt the scheduled departure. As per JetBlue’s Cancellation Policy, passengers can cancel the flight and As per JetBlue cancellation fee waiver would be applicable, and the refund would be issued for the unused portion of the ticket in the form of a future travel credit. 

JetBlue Seat Upgrade Fees:


To upgrade your seat on JetBlue Mint travelers need to make a payment which can range from 499$ to 599$ and depends upon the type of destination, flight, and routes. In case you want to upgrade on getting more space then you can pay the upgrade fees ranging from $15 to $65 for each side and there will be no standard fees.

JetBlue Standby Fee

The Standby fees with JetBlue are based upon seat availability and are never guaranteed, highly dependable on the fare, and always subjected to the 75$ additional fee.

There is a slight change of $75 standby for the fares except for Blue Extra. You can list for Standby at the airport before your original flight. The Standby travel is not listed over the phone or online.

Clients in the cities traveling via multiple flights can opt for the standby option on the same day. Please note that Standby is never available to clients departing from the cities having a single flight in a day.

Mint clients always try to travel through Standby, but the issue is that Mint seats can be booked based on availability. There is no guarantee. Also, a 75$ fee will be applied, and the traveler cannot opt for any refund if they choose the core seat.

Remember, Mosaic clients having a refundable ticket will never be charged the fee for standby listing.

JetBlue Baggage Fee

The carry-on baggage fee with JetBlue is recently changed, so have a look at its review carefully:

The fare will always include a personal item that can be kept under the traveler’s set. It can be a pet carrier, laptop bag, purse, or daypack. The personal item here cannot go beyond 17″ L (43.2 cm) x 13″ W (33 cm) x 8″ H (20.32 cm).

Also, all Blue extra, Blue Plus, Blue and Mint tickets include a carry-on bag that can be fitted in the overhead space. The carry-on bags, inclusive of handles and wheels, cannot exceed the stated measurements, i.e., 22″ L (55.88 cm) x 14″ W (35.56 cm) x 9″ H (22.86 cm).

The clients who tend to purchase a Mint fare, Blue and Blue, for domestic travel flying within the United States can take a carry-on bag if it fulfills the above-stated measurements. For various other passages, the overhead space is always served on a first come basis and as per availability. If you are boarding late, a gate check is required to look at carry-on bags.

The Blue Mosaic fares never allow the passenger to keep a carry-on bag. Once kept at the gate, the carry-on bag must be checked, and the traveler must pay a fee. The fees range from 65$ to 1180$.

Although there can be a few exceptions, and they are:

  • The Mosaic members who are allowed to carry a bag can opt for early boarding with their fares.
  • Travelers from Europe and the U.K. can even include connecting flights.
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Active Militants of the United States.

The above-stated exceptions cover only the Blue Basic clients who tend to buy out Even More space seats and are guaranteed to carry a carry-on bag on the flight.

The traveler who has already added one of the pets to their Blue Basic booking will be flying with one of the pet carriers (approved) and a personal item. If you have already bought an extra seat, you can check in more bags as per the fare you have opted. As per the FAA, the price for the carry-on bag and personal bag will not increase as the cost is calculated based on per person but never based on per seat.

JetBlue Pets fee:

With JetBlue, only cats and small dogs are allowed to travel in cabins. According to the FAA guidelines the traveler can carry only those animals that can fit under the front seat comfortably. Most importantly, you can travel with a single pet.

Also, JetBlue never accepts any pet remains in their cargo or cabin.

Make your pet booking:

You can make your pet booking online from the JetBlue mobile app or even via contacting the airlines. For the extras, the traveler can add extras option while booking:

  • The pet fee with JetBlue is about $125 from one side.
  • At maximum, six pets can travel on a single flight.
  • The pet carrier can not measure more than 17″ L x 12.5″ W x 8.5″ H, and the combined weight of the pet carrier and pet should not be more than 20 pounds.
  • Do know that on Mint fare, you travel with your pet.
  • Also, pets cannot travel to or from Europe or the U.K. to Tobago & Trinidad.

JetBlue Name Change fee

Every passenger is allowed to make a single change. If the traveler is requesting multiple changes then the airline does charge a changing fee and is based upon the category of fare he is opting for:

  • The passengers who are traveling using Blue Basic fare are allowed to pay the $100 fee for the change fees for the US flights. For the other routes, JetBlue can opt to charge about 200$ for charging fees.
  • Knowing about the changing policy of airlines, the passengers can choose to travel with Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, Blue Plus Refundable, Blue Refundable, Mint, and Mint Refundable and can request the required changes on paying the difference in fare.
  • The passengers opt for a name correction or change request via the offline channel and is required for the user to pay $50 or at times even more for services and it depends upon the fare type along with the miscellaneous charges.
  • Bookings that are made via any third-party platform or unofficial sources never qualify for the change.
  • Also, the JetBlue Name Change Polic says that the required airlines do not accept any type of modification in case the travelers wanted to swap his/her tickets with any other passenger.

JetBlue Seat Selection fee

JetBlue Seat Selection fees are quite variable and range from $75-$5 from every side. Here you can make your seat selection without paying any cost in the first 24 hours of your booking irrespective of the type of fare you opted for. The passengers here need to pay for the seat change for $75 if they had opted for JetPlus seats even for the same day.

How can you change JetBlue flights without paying any fees?

Travelers may be required to make due changes and amendments to their flight reservations for any sudden plan change or any emergency then they have to pay the penalty for changing the flight. The passengers can also try to avoid the changing fees as per the below-listed points:

Try using the 24-hours window:

Every individual traveling through JetBlue  is unaware of the 24-hours window for cancellation and changing the flight. There are other regulations, like your flight should be within seven days of your booking, or you opt to cancel it within 24 hours of the booking. In both scenarios, you do not have to pay any fees.

Try using same-day changing service:

It’s about changing the departure time on the day of the flight and then waiting for the scheduled flight date to make the reservation changes. For instance, if the traveler has already booked a flight for the evening but, on checking the flight schedule, he finds a cheaper option in the morning, then he can opt for making the amendments as JetBlue charges a minimal fee of $75 to $50 for providing this service.

Try buying our flexible or refundable fees:

If you have any doubt about the travel time and date, you always look for a refundable ticket. You can find it a bit expensive by comparing it with the non-refundable fees. But if you consider the penalty fees, it will be much less than the difference and stress you will bear. You can also look for flexible fares and read the instructions before laying your hands on them.

Avoid buying out round-trip tickets and consider booking tickets one way:

JetBlue can be seen charging the penalty fee based on the ticket price, so if the individual ticket price is less, the change fee will be considerably less than it was based on the ticket price.

Travel Insurance:

The availability of travel insurance will allow you to cover the flight change fees. When you tend to believe that there can be a change in travel date for any unavoidable reasons, then you should register for travel insurance, which will be quite helpful for you.

Here we have tried to cover as much as possible for changing fees for JetBlue airlines. The fee keeps changing from time to time, and we keep updating our policies to provide updated data to the readers.

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