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How to Change/Correct Name on Southwest Airlines Ticket

It is crucial to confirm that the name on the reservation corresponds to who you are when purchasing a flight. Passengers occasionally pronounce names incorrectly, and these situations can happen at any time. As a result, you may update your given name with the help of Southwest’s policy on name changes or corrections. This kind of change is made easier for passengers by the airline.

Southwest’s Name Change/Correction Policy: How It Works?

The policy allowing Southwest Airlines to change its name is a good feature. It allows travelers to modify the names of their travel tickets. Name changes are only permitted under the guidelines outlined in the policy. The policy applies to changes made to a person’s name, whether complete or partial. The adjustment’s goal is to make the functionality permissible to utilize. It can be a result of their marriage or divorce.

Policy Concerning the Southwest’s Name Change

To be able to fly, you must book your journey with Southwest Airlines under the proper name. Southwest’s name correction policy permits minor revisions in cases where this is not the case. You will need to make the necessary spelling adjustments for the misspelled name as part of this. Changes can be made to the characters. Regarding the issues with the huge names, you could contact the airline.

It is significant to note that, under regulations governing name correction, a passenger may modify their last name, first name, and middle name.

Name Correction on Southwest Airlines Ticket as a Result of Marriage

Airlines are prohibited by law from ever allowing customers to change their names completely. Except for changes in the law brought about by marriage or divorce, the other person cannot adopt the former person’s name. If proper legal documentation is presented, Southwest Airlines will accede to a request to change a passenger’s last name after marriage. The only other aspect of the name that changes is the surname. The first step is to obtain the information changed formally in the case of a divorce. Court orders are necessary in order to do this.

This suggests that there might be some changes. The following paperwork is necessary for the legal name change to take effect:

If You Marry

  • Previous identification evidence
  • Existing identification documentation

For Divorce

  • Divorce orders
  • Legally change for name

Procedures for Changing Name on Southwest Airlines Ticket

The airline will give passengers instructions to follow for their convenience when a passenger’s personal information has to be changed. Passengers can modify their names following Southwest Airlines’ name correction policy. There is a restriction on the number of characters that can be put in this field. You can find it challenging to completely change your name because doing so can lead to the transfer of travel tickets.

Southwest edit Name 1

Additional conditions for making improvements or name changes on Southwest Airlines include the following:

  • The rules state that it is not permitted to change the names on transfer tickets. As a result, you can reserve or cancel your initial flight.
  • You can choose to have your last name, middle name, or first name with a few extra letters.
  • Your name and the names on the original documents must match.
  • According to Southwest Airlines’ policy on name modifications, there will not be a charge for the name update.
  • After submitting it, a person’s name can only be changed once.
  • The proper papers must be given to the airline in order to change one’s name legally.

To proceed with procedures like Southwest seat selection, the order of characters in a passenger’s name must match that on their passport or boarding paperwork.

Please be aware that you must give at least 24 hours notice before your scheduled departure for any modifications to your flight reservation. You will be one step closer to the boarding process once you finish this step. If this is the case, altering your information will be a hassle for you and the airline. Therefore, we kindly suggest that you bear the following period in mind before beginning the Southwest edit name on tickets process:

How to Make Name Changes on Tickets Bought with Southwest Airlines?

Not all travelers can apply the same procedure for changing their names due to various circumstances. This has led the airline to employ various methods for Southwest name modifications. You will first have access to the official website to make changes. This method can be used by those who want to change their names at any moment and do not need the necessary help. They have access to it everywhere. The offline approach is still another choice. You can speak with the airline about the situation.

Southwest edit Name 2

To update the name on the ticket, use Southwest’s Contact Us form

For various changes or inquiries, the Contact Us page is commonly used. Customers of Southwest can easily update the name on their tickets by using this page. This location contains the contact details you require to contact the carrier. You could decide to call in its place. You will then have the opportunity to express any issues with the name change or correction request.

  • It would help if you first direct your web browser to “https://www.southwest.com/html/contact-us/.”
  • Look for the “Contact Us” section while you are on the “Homepage.” The phone number can be found here.
  • By calling this number, you can reach the airline at any time.
  • As the carrier makes touch with you, keep your guard up. During the session, you will get to ask your question, “Can Southwest Airlines change the name on the ticket?”. Additionally, you should justify the name change.
  • The documentation that must be supplied when the name change is made can be requested from you following that.
  • Ask about expenses, if any, and be aware that a confirmation number will be mailed to you once the procedure is complete.
  • Remember that calling the carrier’s toll-free number will only cost you money.

Changing Your Name on Your Southwest Tickets Through Their Website

You can change the name that displays on your flight tickets on the Southwest Airlines website. You can input the confirmation number for your airline ticket in the visible field when you log into your account. You will next be asked to type your last name. You will be able to manage your booking after this is finished. You must do this to test the name change feature’s functionality.

A description of how to modify a passenger’s name on a Southwest ticket via the airline’s website is provided below:

  • Visit Southwest’s main website online as your initial course of action.
  • Select “Login” from the menu after that.
  • You must now enter your “Last Name” and your “Confirmation Number.”
  • Click the “Flight” button to launch your flight.
  • Following that, a menu will appear and descend from the top. From the drop-down option, select “Manage Reservation.”
  • The page will then provide a table with details regarding your scheduled reservation. You will have several options, including “Edit Name,” to pick from. You could use this choice to change the name on your Southwest ticket.
  • After that, alter your name on the website where you wish to change it, then fill out the rest of the form.
  • If there are fees, you are responsible for paying them.
  • Before it is too late, save every piece of information you can.
  • Hold off until you hear that your replacement ticket has been ordered.

Be aware that you can use this procedure to modify your reservation’s other details, including the date, the flight, the amount of luggage allowed, and other things.

The third option is to use the complaint page to change the name on your Southwest Airlines ticket.

This airline may be able to meet some requirements through its complaints website. You can try this option even though it is the best for alerting the airline to your difficulties, even though it is the least useful for making specific requests.

To access this page, go to the “Contact Us” section of this airline’s website. You can email us using a tool that will be included. You will be directed to a form if you choose this option. You can change the name on your tickets by filling out this form with your details and sending it to Southwest. These details might be related to your flight or different facets of your trip. Additionally, you can upload any necessary documents that may speed up the name-change procedure.

In order to receive a response to this form, kindly be patient. You may receive it at the email address you gave. It will inform you as to whether you can alter your name and what procedures you will need to follow for the change to take effect.

Modifying a Southwest Airlines Customer’s Name

According to Southwest Airlines’ policy, the full identities of passengers cannot be changed at any time. The straight choice is also unavailable for the change in this situation. The ticket must be canceled to avoid problems like Southwest Airlines changing the passenger name. You can cancel your reservation by calling the airline or using their website. Once you have received confirmation of this transaction, you can rebook your flight. When making this reservation, you will have the option of entering the passenger’s preferred name.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Fee

Southwest may or may not impose a fee for changing your name. This factor depends on the conditions that led to the change being made. Additionally, depending on the type of alteration, the consumer can be charged. When the Southwest Airlines name change fee is charged, the amount can sometimes reach $125.

Suggestions for Changing Southwest Airlines’ Name

There will be times when passengers are pressed for time. They might give false information when making a reservation. Customers of Southwest Airlines may therefore discover that they need to change the name on their tickets rather regularly. It will be advised that the writing not be in any manner hurried. There will not be any typographical errors as a result of this.

Here are some other ideas of this nature:

Passengers must double-check their details before submitting them to ensure that all pertinent information has been included.

When you call to make a reservation for your ticket, you must have all of this information on hand. Therefore, it is best to have all important documents close to hand and accessible at all times. You will have to present proof of your identity, including your passport, birth certificate, and other necessary legal documents. To complete the transaction, if you are making the reservation on behalf of another person, you must have all that person’s information. As a result, the information will not need to be changed because it was inaccurate in the first place.

Why Is Southwest’s Name Change Important?

The Consequences of Misspelling Your Name on Southwest Airlines

You should never use false information if you want your vacation to go off without a hitch. One of the most frequent and serious mistakes that Southwest Airlines encounters is a passenger name record that contains an inaccurately spelled name. To board a plane under a name other than your own is illegal and against Department of Transportation regulations. Therefore, if the information you supplied is inaccurate, you must change your name to Southwest.

  • Added information about this subject is provided in the sentences below:
  • Make sure that all the paperwork, including your name and identity, is identical if you want your encounter to go off without a hitch.
  • You should always thoroughly verify the information before sharing the specifics. If you do not, you run the chance of experiencing significant problems during check-in.
  • Additionally, you may be told to hang around the airport for an unforeseen period while the issue is fixed. You may miss your flight if this happens.
  • The passenger’s flight can be canceled due to the name issues due to these circumstances.
  • To summarize everything

Any misspelled names on the tickets must be fixed to ensure a comfortable trip. This is made possible by Southwest’s name-change policy. You can start the change by abiding by its guiding principles. Additionally, you can choose the method that best meets your needs when there are multiple ways to complete the same task.

How do I change my name with Southwest?

If you changed your name legally, send Southwest a copy of one of the following:

  1. Marriage license.
  2. Divorce decree.
  3. An old government-issued photo ID plus a new government-issued photo ID.

Can you change the name on the Southwest flight ticket?

From the hamburger icon in the top left navigation, choose to Look Up Reservations. Enter your confirmation number, first and last name, and click Retrieve reservation. Passengers who are eligible to modify their name will see an edit pencil next to their name.

Can I change my name on a flight already booked?

You can change the name on most flight tickets but the airline will normally charge you an administration fee to do so. Some airlines will allow you to change the name on your reservation because of a spelling mistake but won’t allow you to transfer your flight to somebody else.

How long before a flight can you do a name change?

If you notice a mistake has been made you may still amend the name on your booking and ticket to reflect the correct spelling in your passport up to 2 hours before the flight is due to depart. You cannot transfer the ticket to another person.

Does your plane ticket have to match your ID exactly?

You cannot travel under a different name. Under the TSA’s rules, the name on your boarding pass must match your government-issued ID. However, if you’re missing your middle name on your boarding pass, it shouldn’t be an issue

trigger a notification.

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