June 20, 2021

How to Change Spirit Airlines Flight

Spirit Airlines Flight Change: However, for such an unavoidable event to happen and you have to cancel or change your flight, you should know if it’s possible to do that with your chosen airline. And in this article, we’ll discuss more the policies of Spirit Airlines regarding canceling and changing flights.

What is Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Any passenger may face the need to cancel or change their flights because of a reason that cannot be avoided. To handle these issues, you must understand the Spirit flight change policy. Spirit Airlines welcomes passengers/customers with open arms to modify flight reservations. Some critical points regarding the flight change policy of Spirit Airlines are mentioned here.

  • Passengers are advised to read and understand the latest policies of Spirit Airlines Reservations to avoid any future chaos and prepare in advance. You will get a clear explanation of every term and condition regarding Spirit Airlines flight changes.
  • Passengers can only change their reserved flights within 24 hours of the original booking.
  • In the event of any unexpected circumstances, such as a family death, passengers are allowed to change their flight bookings. You must only show the related documents, and the airline will not charge any change fee.
  • If Spirit Airlines changes the departure and arrival times of the original flight, the passenger can change other Spirit Airlines flights without =any change fees or extra charges.
  • Passengers must book tickets by credit card in order to cover the scope of travel changes.
  • If you purchased a ticket directly from the airline and not from any third-party agency, you can change the flight in Spirit Airlines without paying any change fees.

This is How You Can Change Your Flights with Spirit Airlines:

Spirit Airlines offers its passengers two different options to change their Spirit Airlines Reservations.

To change flight online:

Passengers are allowed to make a flight change request 24 hours prior to their departure without paying an extra charge or change fee.

  • Visit Spirit Airlines’ official website and log in to your account.
  • Open the My Trips page from the home tab.
  • Enter all the details, such as the passenger’s last name and the ticket confirmation code.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • From the given list, select which flight you wish to make changes to.
  • Follow the procedures/instructions on the other screens to complete the flight change process.
  • Finally, ensure to get a confirmation about the new flight via email or phone.

Passengers can choose Spirit Airlines’ change flights option without paying a charge or changing fees, but they should complete it seven days or 24 hours before the original flights. All Spirit tickets canceled after 24 hours will be charged a change fee. If the ticket is a refundable one, the passenger can also request a refund.

How Do I Get in Touch with Spirit Airlines?

There are various ways to connect with Spirit Airlines: Such:

Connect via Phone: just call on the Spirit Airlines Customer Service Phone Number  (833) 246-4453 which is also available on the official website of Spirit airlines and direct connection with the travel representative for any issue.

By dialing Spirit Airlines customer service phone number, you can directly talk get through the customer service team for getting immediate assistance and it is possible when you go through the below IVR options:

  • Dial Spirit Airlines phone numbers (833) 246-4453 from a phone.
  • Press 1, for the booking or reservations.
  • Press 2, for the feedback or complaint.
  • Press 3, for the baggage or refund.
  • Press 9, to speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines.

Connect via Email: Just compose an email and write the issue or complaint and send it to the official website address of Spirit Airlines and get the revert back within 48 working hours with the proper solution. You can simply submit your complaint via email regarding the queries related to Spirit Airlines through the below steps:

  • Go to the official Spirit Airlines website from your browser and then click on the Contact Us section.
  • Now look for the Complete this form option.
  • Now you can select a reason that you need assistance.
  • After that, you can simply enter your personal and other details into the given field.
  • Now you can enter your queries or complaint into the given box.
  • Now click on Submit tab and the team of customer service will immediately get in touch with you.

Connect via Live Chat: This is the very best facility where the passenger can directly connect with travel representatives via chat and solve any type of issue related to Spirit airlines. Spirit Airlines provides the option of online chat that can be obtained to get effective assistance from a live person on all sorts of problems. You can get the live chat from the customer service team through the below steps:

  • Go to the official Spirit Airlines website through your browser.
  • Scroll down and then click on the Contact us section.
  • Click on the Click on Chat Now! Button.
  • You can select a query for which you need assistance from the given list.
  • After that, you can start chatting with a live representative to obtain assistance.
  • You can also ask them to get a callback and then you may also talk to a live person.

Via social media: You can also follow Spirit Airlines over the different social media platforms where live representatives will help you regarding the different queries in a simple way. You can text at 48763 by describing your queries or you can directly contact them through Whatsapp at 1-855-SAVE-555 (855-728-3555). You can get their immediate and relevant assistance anytime as they are 24/7 available.

Change Spirit flight offline:

Call Spirit Airlines reservations. and connect to their customer service executives. The airline has expert professionals available24/7 to provide you with assistance. You can tell them why you wish to change the flight, email them all the related required documents, and request a flight change. They will help you to change your flights.

Spirit Airlines Change Fees:

It is important to realize that a flight change has associated costs. If you are changing the details of your flight online, it usually costs $90, whereas changing your flight booking over the phone costs $100.

Additionally, if you have booked an award flight, changes can cost $110.

How To Change Spirit Airlines Flight Without Fee?

Well, despite we have a 24 hours risk-free cancellation and change window from Spirit Airlines. There may be chances that. We need to perform changes or cancellations after 24 Hours. I am sure that you don’t want to pay your tickets an equal amount for the changes as well. So, what should you do while booking Spirit Flight Tickets? That can save you from paying more and more.

Passengers can easily change a flight with Spirit airlines but they will have to pay a change fee depending on the fare type and its terms and conditions.

Within 24 hours of original purchase (at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure):

  • Normal Ticket – No Charge
  • Flight Flex Ticket – No Charge
  • Award Ticket – No Charge

After 24 hours of original purchase (at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure)

  • Normal Ticket – $90 for changes through online mode and $100 for changes through offline mode
  • Flight Flex Ticket – One-time free online changes
  • Award Ticket – $110 change fee

Within 24 hours after the original purchase (for less than 7 days or more before scheduled departure)

  • Normal Ticket – $90 for changes through online mode and $100 for changes through offline mode
  • Flight Flex Ticket – One-time free online changes
  • Award Ticket – $110 change fee

After 24 hours of the original purchase (for less than 7 days or more days before scheduled departure)

  • Normal Ticket – $90 for changes through online mode and $100 for changes through offline mode
  • Flight Flex Ticket – One-time free online changes
  • Award Ticket – $110 change fee

Within 24 hours of the scheduled departure

  • Normal Ticket – $99 fee for earlier flight standby
  • Flight Flex Ticket – $99 fee for earlier flight standby
  • Award Ticket – Not Allowed

Please note that the Flex Flight ticket category is just like a normal ticket, you can get the Flex Flight ticket by adding $35 to $45 at the ticket booking time and you get an extra benefit of one-time free online change with the Flex Flight ticket. It is not a refundable ticket and the cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel this ticket.

Spirit Risk-Free Change, Or Cancellation Period

The next 24 hours after making a reservation with Spirit Airlines are really Important. These 24 hours are called Risk-free cancellation, or change windows. So, here any passenger can make changes or cancel their Spirit Airlines Flight Tickets without paying any penalty or fee. But there are some certain conditions which you must take care of. Before requesting any changes to your Flight Tickets. Despite that, your booking falls into the 24 Hours risk-free change and cancellation window.

Terms Associated With 24 Hours Risk-Free Change Period

  • Your travel date must be 7 days from the day of making reservations.
  • Making a change to your Spirit Flight ticket may put you on the Standby flight.
  • You may have to pay extra for the Baggage on the next available flight.
  • Moving From Standby to Confirmed Flight Status. You must upgrade your flight tickets.
  • The upgrades also depend upon Spirit Airlines only. Because it is a Low-cost-carrier. That’s why the level of up-gradation is pre-defined by the airline itself.
  • Changing the routes on your flight tickets may result in paying even more. That is for the fare difference.

Same-Day Change – Fee and Details

Same-day flight change is considered. When a passenger is trying to make a change in its existing booking within 24 hours. But the flight is also scheduled for the next 24 hours. However, Spirit Airlines have a separate policy for same-day flight change requests. Under this policy, any passenger can make, or request Spirit Airlines Customer Service to make changes to its flight tickets. That also the last 1 hour prior to the scheduled flights. But there are certain charges that a passenger must have to pay. The fee for making a same-day flight change depends upon the fare type as well. In brief, the same-day flight change fee varies from $90 to $150.

Same-day Change Terms and Conditions

  • A passenger is allowed to change the date of the travel only.
  • You cannot change your layover flight to a non-stop flight.
  • New flights must be for the same route. If traveling on the same dates.
  • If a passenger is already checked in through any medium offered by Spirit Airlines. Then he/she will not be liable for making changes.
  • A passenger can choose an earlier flight. Only if the same fare value or seat is available on the earlier or next available flight.
  • However, changing routes for a same-day flight may cause you to pay the fare difference as well.

Policies to make changes on the bookings

  • If you want to change or cancel the bookings on Spirit Airlines free of cost then first of all change the reservations within 24 hours. As you cancel the bookings within 24 hours the changes or cancellations will be adjusted automatically.
  • Also if you change the reservations on Spirit Airlines refundable ticket then also you don’t have to pay any price for that.
  • However, all the flights booked before seven days from the departure and canceled within 24 hours will not be eligible for the free cancellation.

Spirit Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

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