June 19, 2021

What to do when you miss your Spirit Airlines Flight

What happens if you miss your flight Spirit Airlines?

Rules for this vary based on airline. The legacy carriers in the US will give your seat away if you are not checked in within 15 minutes of published departure. On the other end of the spectrum, Spirit Airlines tickets are only good for that particular departure and they make you start from square one of the purchase processes with no refund if you miss a flight.

Spirit Missed Flight Possible Scenarios

  • If you have any connecting Spirit flight and you miss it due to a delay in the previous flight, then you will get the free rebooking option. This new booking can be made only for the same destination and fare class.
  • Sometimes, passengers miss their Spirit flight for the standard flight schedule. In this case, you will either get the refund for the unused ticket, if not, then you will get the credit vouchers.
  • For the flight booked with award points, you will get these points credited back to your official account. Here, the credit is made as per the allocated rules.
  • Try to get the refund by filling the refund form and submit it to inform Spirit customer support about it. However, the request can only be made for the departure before the flight.
  • If you do not show on the flight within the specified time, then your booking is seized and you will not be able to get any refund for that. This is because Spirit Airlines do not have any official no-show policy.
  • The sooner you let the airline know you’re late, the better. The industry informally applies a two-hour grace period.
  • An airline is not required to offer standby. Be courteous and you’re more likely to be offered the courtesy.

A change fee might be required.

Passengers can make changes to their Spirit Airlines Reservation by:

  • visiting My Trips, entering your name and confirmation number, then proceeding with the steps to change or cancel a flight
  • texting spirit at 48763 or using 855-728-3555 on WhatsApp
  • direct messaging us on social media
  • giving us a call at (877) 594-7821
  • speaking to a Guest Service Agent at their local airport

As the name implies, the “flat-tire rule” is meant to be offered to passengers who encounter such things as car accidents and traffic jams. Don’t expect consideration because you wanted to golf a few more holes.

Remember that the industry is filling around 80 percent of its seats. That means even a standby offer could result in a long airport wait on some routes.

Sign up for flight alerts on your smartphone. These reminders will help you keep straight exactly when your flight is leaving.

Allow yourself plenty of time. Airports and airlines have preached for a decade to allow enough time to check luggage, print boarding passes, and go through security. Yet there’s always someone who needs to cut in line because their flight leaves in 15 minutes. Don’t be that passenger.

Spirit Airlines is known for its customer-centric approach. In case you tend to miss your flight, you need not worry. Just go through the below-mentioned points and it will solve your queries.

  1. Missed flight due to delay in connecting flight: In case you missed your connecting flight as a result of a delayed first flight, Spirit Airlines has the policy to put you on the next available flight.
  2. Missed flight due to other reasons: If you missed your flight, Spirit Airlines will let you stand by. If you missed your flight and are at the airport within two hours of your missing your flight time, they will try to put you for another flight. You just have to be at the airport as quickly as possible. If your flight is delayed, you might be able to make it. Otherwise, the best bet is to talk to customer support staff to see if you can fly standby on the next available flight.

If you are in the latter situation here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Try to get to the gate anyway. You have a better chance of a gate agent being able to work with you (especially if it’s obvious you just missed your flight) than waiting to speak to a desk agent or calling someone on the phone.
  2. Be nice. Seriously, people who work for the airlines have people yelling at them and blaming them for their problems all day. I would even wager Spirit has more than their fair share of irate passengers. They are people trying to do their job and make a living. They are not trying to make your life harder. No airline has to let people fly standby if they miss a flight. It’s a courtesy most extend because they know sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. Being nice might be the difference between a gate agent who goes above and beyond to help you vs someone who tells you sorry, you’re out of luck. Keep in mind, you might still have to pay a change fee if you get put on standby, but most of the time this will be cheaper than purchasing a new last-minute ticket.
  3. If you are way beyond the 2-hour point of missing your flight (e.g., you thought you were flying out the next day) it’s likely you will have to purchase a new ticket. I would look online at other airlines and travel sites (Priceline, Orbitz, etc.) to see if there’s something cheaper on another airline.
  4. If you miss the first leg of your trip and get on another flight, double-check and make sure the airline doesn’t cancel your return flight. Sometimes the system will automatically cancel you if you didn’t make your initial flight.

What Do I Do If I Missed My Connecting Flight on Spirit Air?

If you miss a Spirit Airlines connection then go to a Spirit Airlines desk and talk to the employees there. Ask if they can try to find another flight so that you can finish your journey. They may not be able to do anything to help, but the sooner you start the process, the better.

If the missed connection is the airline’s fault (a delayed initial flight due to mechanical problems, for example), the airline should rebook you on the next available flightIf the next outbound flight is the following morning, the airline should either book you on another airline or provide accommodations and meals.

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