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Reservations with Air France
(888) 635-5228 USA/Canada
01 41 56 78 00 Corporate Office Phone Number
45, rue de Paris 95 747 Roissy CDG Cedex
Region France ,

Air France Booking: Book a flight with Air France – (888) 635-5228

Air France is one of the top airlines in the world and they provide flight services in France, Europe, Africa-Indian Ocean, America, Asia, and the middle east. They provide the services to travel in the cheap flights for the various destinations all over the world. If you also want to make an easy reservation for the flights of Air France, you can

Steps to confirm Air France reservation online

To confirm your booking with the airline passengers don’t need to follow some intricate procedures; they are just required to make some clicks to get their reservation done with Air France. The airline’s official site is very user-friendly that allows passengers to make bookings without any hassle. Apply the below-mentioned steps to purchase flight tickets. 

Passengers can also call on the Air France reservations phone number to get to book their flight tickets under the guidance of air travel experts. 

How to initiate Air France manage booking?

Air France manage booking

For managing your booking, you can visit the ‘My Trips’ option on the homepage of the official Air France website. You will be able to find all your details related to your itinerary, including departure and arrival date/ time, check-in details, baggage allowance, and cancellation and refund policies. Under this section, you can make all the changes you want in your booking. Implement the following steps and go for the Air France check reservation.

With these quick and simple steps, you can modify your Air France flight booking without any additional effort. By providing your contact number and email to the airline you’ll be able to access the real-time updates directly from the airline. If there is a delay and change in your flight, you can always know about it ahead of time.

Air France Reservation(888) 635-5228
Air France Reservation Number(888) 635-5228
Air France Reservations Phone Number(888) 635-5228
Air France Telefono USA(888) 635-5228
Air France Phone Number(888) 635-5228
Air France Customer Service Number(888) 635-5228
Air France Technical Support Number1 (800) 992-3932
Air France Baggage Helpline Number1 (800) 237-2747
Air France Cancellation Number1 (800) 237-2747
HubsCharles de Gaulle Airport, Orly Airport
SubsidiariesHOP!, Joon, Transavia France
Fleet size210
Parent companyAir France–KLM
HeadquartersRoissypôle, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Tremblay-en-France, France

Air France check-in options

Air France has two kinds of check-in processes available, just like any other airline:

Online Check-in:

The check can be done using the official Air France website and the mobile app as well. Online check-in of the airline starts 30 hours before the actual departure of your flight.

Check-in at Airport:

The travelers can also check in for their flights. It is highly advised to reach the airport at least before 3-4 hours to get enough time for proper check-in.

Dial Air France customer service number and avail prompt help

Having trouble while using the services of the airline? Worry not as the customer service number of the airline is available round of the clock for the travelers in need. You can connect to the airline representatives at any time of the day and get guidance from them. Give a call on the Air France reservation number and have solutions to all your problems within no time. 

Baggage allowance in Air France:

Carry-on Bags:

The number of bags permitted per flyer totally depends on the class-fare they choose or the Blue flying status they have. However, the carry-on bag must fit in the dimensions of 55 x 35 x 21.7 cm, including everything.

Checked Bags:

The checked baggage allowance varies on the class fare as well, but the bags must not be more than 62.2 linear inches in dimensions.

Seat Selection with Air France:

Using the Aircraft seating map the flyers can select their desired spots, and also reserve their seats by calling the reservations department or at the time of their online/ Airport check-in and while making their booking as well.


Facilities: First Class flyers get to access the airport lounges of the airline around the world. Now get a relaxing experience in the La premiere lounge of Charles De Gaulle Airport of Paris, enjoy a comfy spa, facial and other body treatments if you’re a frequent flyer.


The La premiere allows you to have a gentle and refreshing experience, and there is always an availability of the staff at your disposal. The private suite allows you to sleep soundly on your comfy transform-able seat with memory foam that could turn into a bed of 2 meters in length.

A complimentary duvet and pillow are also provided to each passenger. The seats are equipped with a 24-inch touch screen entertainment system to keep you amused at all times.


Business-class flyers receive premium services and excellent customer service from the moment they enter the airport. Travelers get access to exclusive spa service and relax in the Business Lounge of Air France before their flight at Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris.


Seats in the business-class cabin have an attached touch-screen entertainment for each flyer along with a complimentary duvet, amenity kit, and hypoallergenic feather pillows.


The Business Class cabin is equipped with seats designed for the traveler’s comfort. The seats are adjustable, comfortable, and easily convertible in a 2m bed, just adjust it to your comfort level. Seats are lined with memory foam that molds according to your body shape and delivers excessive comfort and relief that helps you sleep on board without any issues.

The seats have access to a charging point with continuous energy flow to charge your electronic devices like cameras, mobile phones, or laptops. The cabin has adjustable mood lights that are good for reading purposes as well.

Economy Class:

The airline provides an eye mask for a nice sleep, a fleece blanket, and a towel to all of its economy flyers. Each seat in the economy cabin is equipped with an attached entertainment system that has the latest shows and movies to soothe your flying experience. You can also enjoy playing games while flying.


The Seats in the economy are equipped with an attached footrest that allows you to stretch and relax your legs comfortably. Seats have a reclining back that can be adjusted accordingly when needed.


Economy seats have the availability of ample legroom. The seats are located in the cabin front that gives you access to board your flight first and the privilege of early deboarding as well.


Everyone gets something on their Air France reservation. The airline has different WiFi plans for different class-fares that allow you to stay connected to the world; even in the air also you won’t have to miss out on valuable work messages and emails.

Price for WiFi:

The price for WiFi is EUR5 for 20MB, EUR 10 for 50MB, and EUR30 for 200MB internet.

Food on Air France Flights:

The meal type you’ll get totally depends on your flight time, date, duration, route, class-fare, and destination. Long Haul Flyers can buy their personalized meals in advance from the A la Carte options. The request for personalized meals should be made using the official air France website at least 24 hours before the flight departure time.

Air France Booking Policy

The purpose of this section is to provide additional transparency and definition to the Air France and KLM booking
policy. Objectives

Air France Creation and Modification of a Passenger Name Record (PNR)

When a PNR is created or changed, the itinerary must be booked in a sequence of travel times. Full O&D availability
is mandatory, regardless if the reservation involves AF or KL flights only and/or includes codeshare or other airline
flights. The selected O&D availability must reflect and secure authorized Minimum Connecting Times.

Air France Day of departure – Un-ticketed bookings

When tickets are not bought according to the fare rules or when customers will no longer travel, segments must be
canceled to release inventory. Canceled space for one customer cannot be used for another customer, even if the
other customer wants to travel the same itinerary. Bookings made within 24 hours before departure must be ticketed instantly. All bookings made prior 24 hours before departure must be either ticketed or canceled at least 24 hours before
If for ticketing purposes PNR claim is needed, it must take place prior to 24 hours before departure. 2

Air France Cancellations

AFKL wants to manage its inventory in an optimal manner so that as many seats as possible are available for
agents. Cancellation ratios will therefore be monitored. A cancellation ratio above 60% is subject to an investigation and
might be subject to an ADM.

Air France Churning

It is not permitted to repeatedly book and cancel segments across one or more PNR’s and/or GDS’s, within the same
class or different classes of service, with the goal to circumvent or extend ticketing time limits, hold or gain a better
access to inventory or to meet GDS productivity targets.

Air France Duplicate Bookings

Creation of bookings across one or more PNR’s and/or GDS’s and where the flight schedule of the itinerary cannot be met is not permitted, meaning the travel agent cannot book the same customer on several flights on the same day, or on several consecutive days for the same journey knowing that travel is not possible on all booked segments.

Air France Group Bookings

It is not permitted to request Group bookings when the booking is not directly related to a request of a customer. Nor is it permitted to create bookings to avoid the Group booking procedures. This includes the creation of “hidden groups” by making multiple separate individual bookings intended as a group booking.

Air France Inactive Bookings

The following status codes are determined by AFKL as inactive bookings: HX, NO, UC, UN, and WK. Travel agents should monitor their queues on a daily basis and remove any inactive segments immediately from the GDS. All inactive segments must be removed from the GDS PNR at least 48 hours before departure. Inactive segments that are not canceled 48 hours prior to departure are subject to cost recovery fee charges by AFKL.

Air France Off-shore/cross border ticketing

The base commission structure, if any, varies per country. Agents may not avoid the base commission rate structure
in one country by collecting base commissions’ rates that apply in other countries. This includes:

c Name Changes / Name Corrections

All reservations must have a valid first, middle and last name (according to travel document e.g. passport) at the time
of booking. Name changes are not permitted on reservations unless entered for the purpose of correcting a misspelling of the
passenger’s name. Please consult AgentConnect.biz.

Air France Waitlist

Waitlist bookings are allowed only the following booking classes:

When non-eligible booking classes are used for waitlist bookings, cost recovery fee charges from the airline will apply.

Air France Secure Flight Information

The following information must be provided for each PNR as it appears on government-issued identification at least
72 hours prior to departure:

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